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Congrats to Shannon!

Well, the game is now over, and our reigning champion continues his reign again. Congratulations go out to Shannon for a great game! Now on to 2001!!!!


Late Game Action

I'm sure that you thought that the game was pretty much over, but Victor Borge has died. Only Cathryn Innacola picked the "clown prince of classical music". This is Cathryn's third hit, and her second solo, and brings her to 2nd place. A mere 6 tiebreaker points is all that is giving Shannon the lead.


2001 Game Pages starting to appear

I'm in the process of getting the next game started up (DUH!), and have started posting the 2001 Site, so feel free to take a look.


Deadpool 2001 Invitations sent out

Well, as most of you know by now, I sent out the invitations to the next game over the weekend. I encourage each of you to forward that message to anybody that you feel might be interested in playing.


This one will probably hold the age point record for some time...

Rapper Joe C., the midget in Kid Rock's band is dead at the age of 26. And only one player had the foresight to invest in such a risk. But John Sullivan knew something that the rest of us apparently didn't. I, for one, thought that John picked the little guy because of a fast lifestyle (which he also had, apparently), but it ALSO turns out that the shrimp had some terminal intestinal disease. That's the kind of info that's GOLDEN, and puts John on the scoreboard. So, congratulations, John, on a most impressive pick!


Obi-dead Kenobi

It's funny how each game seems to bring hits in clusters for certain people. In the first game, Betty was on a singing cowboy jaunt. This year, Shannon has got a coach thing going. Now it appears that we have another hit cluster growing: our newest player, Bob Razem seems to be going for the Old English Knighted Actor roundup (or is that Old Knighted English Actor? I can never keep it straight), first with Sir John Gielgud, and now with Sir Alec Guiness. Bob's recent solo (his second!) brought him up from 8th place to 5th.

On a different note, allow me to take this opportunity to formally present the recently redesigned website. Please note the addition of the Statistics Page, which right now holds only stats about the games, but will soon also report stats for the individual players. For those of you with a technical bend, the entire site is now created through the use of ASP, although the output is static. This means that I can (finally!) use a database to hold all of the information and do cool things with it (like the stats pages). So, please take a moment to look around, and let me know of any broken links, comments, suggestions or general feedback. Thanks!


'She's dead to me...'
(OK, if you've never seen The Sopranos, you may not get that one).

Wow! They're coming fast'n'furious now! Congrats go out to Cathryn Innacola on her solo pick of Nancy Marchand, who played the ailing matriarch of the Soprano clan. Cathryn picked up a healthy 30 tiebreaker points, breaking her free of the 3-way 4th place position she previously held and moving her into 3rd place.


Assad helps Mike Re-Leapfrog Rich

Mike Spinney came back to 2nd place with a solo on Syria's President, Hafez Assad. Mike scored an impressive 36 tiebreaker points, the second highest in the game. The standings page has been updated.


Another 2-fer!

Wow! The electrons had barely dried on the last revision to the website when we learned that Sir John Gielgud had died. And believe it or not, it wasn't Shannon's pick! No, Bob Razem makes his scoreboard debut with an impressive hit - his #1, and a solo, as well! Bob helped to break apart that 6-way tie for 8th place we had. The standings page has been updated.
Gee... I wonder who we'll hit TONIGHT???


Shannon pulls ahead even further...

Well, it seems that the Shannon Paul death-pickin' machine just keeps rolling along. Our current leader and returning champion soloed again with the passing of Barbara Cartland. This brings his total to 3 hits, passing the number that he won last year's game with.


Rich Leap-frogs Mike...

Alright, further proof that the game is still going strong. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. just gave Rich Place a chance to trade places with Mike Spinney. Rich moves up to 2nd place, while Mike takes Rich's old spot at 3rd.



Just had it pointed out to me today that Bobb McKittrick called his final play last week. Last year's Champion, Shannon Paul was the only one to pick him, with an impressive 41 total tie-breaker points (the second-highest amount in the history of the game. The highest is also held by Shannon). This is Shannon's second pick this year, bringing him into first place. For those who notice such things, Shannon is now out of NFL Coaches.


Good Grief! A double-header!

WOW!! Talk about finally getting the game going! No sooner do I get the Tom Landry changes finished and sent out, but then Charles Schultz goes, and it's time to do it all over again. This is the closest we've ever had 2 go at the same time. 4 people had Charles Schultz, and amazingly, it was nobody that also had Tom Landry, so the game is still being determined by tie-breaker points. Congrats to the 4 who picked him: Cathryn Innacola, Rich Place, Sheila Place, and Betty Smith ,. The Game Standings are becoming much more spread out.


Tom Landry gets the game going

Alright, the game is finally seeing some action. Tom Landry is gone at the age of 75. Three players picked him: Mike Spinney, Andy Gonzalez, and Shannon Paul. This is both Mike and Andy's first pick in games, and they jump to first and second place. Our returning champ, Shannon moves into third.


Lucky #13

Look at this! 3 weeks into the game, and STILL getting new players! Everyone welcome Bob Razem, an old friend of Rich. Rich gets another point.


Player #12

(Maybe I should change the rules about me taking referral points) Welcome yet another of my co-workers, John Messimer. His (and everyone's) picks can be viewed on the players page.


Yet Another Player...

Another of my co-workers has come on board:

Terri Kilheffer


Another Player...

We've now surpassed last year's game! Please welcome our 10th player:

-- Cathryn Innacola - one of my co-workers


Three More Players

Just wanted to take a moment to welcome and introduce our three new players:

-- Shannon Paul - a friend of Rich's, and last year's big wiener
-- Sheila Place - Rich's Mom
-- Betty Smith - my mother-in-law, and the winner of the First Deadpool (with FOUR picks!)


Welcome to the New Game!

OK, the Previous Game has been put to rest, with Shannon Paul coming in First place, and Rich Place taking Second. On the last news item for that game, I mentioned that Shannon would be getting the whole pot, but it has been brought to my attention that at the beginning of last year's game I said that the pot would be split 80/20 between the top 2 finishers, so my apologies for not catching that sooner. The Big Prize of $56 is on its way to Shannon, and Rich gets $14. Congratulations to all for a fine, fun game!
As of today (Jan. 1), I only have 6 entries so far, even though many of you have already indicated an interest in playing. Don't worry - you're not too late! Please get me your list(s) as soon as possible, and after a 24-hour wait, I'll put them in the game. It is also not too late to get your friends and family in on the fun, so be sure to spread the word. And remember that you get 1 tie-breaker point for everyone who joins the list because of you. Think that doesn't help? Well, check out the Standings Page, and you'll see that Rich is already in the lead because of his referrals (Mike Spinney, who also referred John Sullivan). Yes, the referral tie-breaker points are good even on previous games' referrals. (In the interest of fairness, I am not awarding any referral points to myself, as I'd get one for everybody.)
A quick note about those lists: please be sure to include a wildcard pick. The wildcard value showed its head twice during the preparation of this game: my #1 pick, Sarah Knauss, died the day after I had put my own list up. She was the world's oldest person (at 119!), and why she couldn't last one more day is all part of the fun! Also, I had one person enter a list with a dead celebrity already on it, - Sorry Charlie! - Luckily, I was able to get a replacement pick literally at the last minute. So please be sure to provide an 11th pick for me, even if you are submitting your list late, OK?

One last item of business - since this is a fun, friendly game, allow me to introduce the current players:

-- Andrew Gonzalez - a friend of mine from my retail days.
-- Rich Place - a friend of mine from my textile programming days.
-- Marge Sing - my wife, Terri's co-worker and a family friend.
-- Mike Spinney - an old navy buddy of Rich's.
-- John Sullivan - a co-worker of Mike's.

So there is still plenty of room left for more people!

Good Luck to all!

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