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2/7/2021 Added SSL certificate to support https://. Fixed a bug that was showing wrong % amounts on Most Hits page. Fixed but showing incorrect Weighted Finish amounts.
12/26/2019 Updated some of the navigation items - added links to long-existing but apparently hidden pages for seeing which celebs were deemed NOT FAMOUS, as well as a page to Check if a Celeb was picked.
10/2/2013 Added a new chart showing how long it's been since we've had a Dry Spell longer than the current one to the Dry Spell page.
3/4/2013 Cleaned up a few spots with missing data on the Profiles and Weighted Finish pages.
1/7/2013 In the process of moving the game to a new host - hopefully things won't be TOO wonky!
12/31/2012 Added rule: No more new celebs accepted after noon (ET) on 12/31
4/8/2011 Click on a celebrity's name on the Celeb List page to check out the new Celeb Summary page. Right now it's slightly on the anemic side, but I'll be adding more to it soon.
1/18/2011 After 3 years of off-and-on work I've finally finished converting the whole site over to php. What does this mean to you? Initially - nothing except possibly broken links (but hopefully I've found them all - please be sure to let me know of any that I've missed). Moving forward I'm now in a position to expand the site to more dynamic interaction. For instance: I plan on modifying the Career Stats Pages to allow one to show only selected players. (Think of a "Compare Products" feature that you've likely seen on commerce sites.)

So please let me know if you see anything that doesn't look right, or if you have any ideas on how to improve the site.

1/24/2009 BIG CHANGE! Starting with the 2009 game, each solo a player hits is worth 1 additional tie-breaker point.
Solos hit, as well as potential solos (solo picks) are now noted on the player list pages.
As requested, KDP news updates are now fed to twitter: kaufmandeadpool.
1/18/2009 I'm in the process of adding the awarding of a tiebreaker point for each solo, starting with the 2009 game. This modification will take some time, and you'll see hints of it throughout the site until it's fully implemented. I'll add a post here when it's done.
7/12/2007 Added Most Hits List, which lists the celebs with the most hits, including as a percentage of the number of entries. Also - updated Mr. Chris Lock's name.
2/10/2007 Added Hit History Page, which is a chronological list of all hits, including celebs that were picked in previous years. Also, added current hit count to the bottom of the Recent Deaths block on the index page. Clicking that hit count will take you to the new Hit History Page.
12/30/2006 I added support for Disqualified picks - right now I plan on using this only for disqualifying executed picks (thanks, Saddam!). It won't be used for fame denials after the game starts.
Please let me know if you see any places where it looks like some calculation is based on a disqualifed celeb.
12/14/2005 I'm such a dope - Joan Jenkins just pointed out to me that I had a Rose Marie AND a Rose Marie Mazetta in the system when they are the same person. I've gotten rid of the duplicate entry now, and updated all associated links. Thanks, Joan!
12/13/2005 Added the Profile Page updates to the Site News Page as well as the Site News section at the bottom of the Main page.
7/6/2005 Added the KDP logo to the RSS feed, and hopefully the favicon.ico will show up, as well!
5/3/2005 Updated celeb database to clarify that it was Milton Friedman, the Nobel economist that was picked, not the speechwriter.
3/21/2005 Added the RSS link to all of the pages. Pared down the number of RSS feeds to only 1 - the Combined Update. Cleaned up the Site News Page.
3/16/2005 Moved the RSS files from the /deadpool directory to /rss. The new links are: Game Updates, Site Updates and the Combined Updates.
3/15/2005 Created 3 RSS feeds - one just for game updates, one for site updates, and one that combines them. Now I just need to add some links to the feeds and eventually I'd like to write up a small page describing RSS and how to best utilize it.
3/14/2005 Finishing up a lot of enhancements to the site - created a new statistic: Weighted Finish, which is now fleshed out on the Profile/Summary Pages, as well as beautifully displayed on the Weighted Finish Graphs. I've also created a separate page to hold the Site News, as well as changing the front page to only show the 3 most recent changes. One last change of note: the News Archive Page now includes the current news, as well. So that one page has all of the game news. Hmmm.... why would I do that????
3/8/2005 FINALLY found the problem that Opera and Firefox had with the Career Pages. The list of outstanding cross-browser issues is slowly dwindling.
2/25/2005 Tightened up a lot of pages to make the site more cross-browser friendly. Details are on the KDP Browser Compatibility Page.
2/19/2005 Created Player profile and summary pages. Add links to player's profile/summary pages to Player list and Referral Tree Pages.
2/1/2005 Created DeathLotto Standings. Recent deaths section now properly displays "NOT FAMOUS" status (which includes year denied fame).
1/24/2005 Reformatted "Overall" column for First Blood and Last Breath on Game Stats Page.
1/13/2005 Added First Blood and Last Breath designations to Game Stats and Career Stats Pages.
1/12/2005 Added Recent Deaths section to index page.
1/10/2005 Reformatted DeathLotto pages, adding a player directory at the top of each page.
1/8/2005 Player lists made public. Also,created Death Lotto - 3 side-games for Referrers, Returning Players and All Players.
12/28/2004 Rolled out re-vamped Rules page.
12/21/2004 Created Graphical Hit Distribution page. Because I'm insane.
12/3/2004 Created Referral Family Tree.
12/2/2004 Modified site so that starting with 2005 game - "Wildcard" picks will be noted as "Alternate".
1/28/2004 Added a link to the Celeb List Page on the "Current Game" section of the home page.
1/15/2004 Fixed an off-by-one error in the date calculations on the Career Stats Page. In addition, "Show/Hide" buttons on the Game Stats Page now work in Netscape (Opera coming soon!), and the "Menu" hide button on all pages now works in Opera (Netscape coming soon!)
1/8/2004 Player lists made public. Also, fixed Celeb List Page to always use 5 columns.
1/6/2004 Left nav menu moved into an external javascript file, saving 4K per page!
1/5/2004 Index page fixed to not use iframe for news column - other columns to be fixed in future.
1/2/2004 Game Stats page fixed - some rows showed incorrect data for current game when there hadn't been a hit yet. Also, fixed bug where current year column disappeared when menu was hid.
1/1/2004 Site updated to reflect start of 2004 game.
12/23/2003 The first of the "censored" 2004 pages are now available; the full player list information will be available January 8th!
12/17/2003 I've FINALLY added tooltips to the Celeb List Page. Now when you move your mouse over the celebrity's name, you'll see all of the players that picked that person, and what rank they gave them. Added list of important game dates to index page.
12/5/2003 New design for KDP site rolled out. New features include a summary index page, (hopefully!) better navigation on internal pages, addition of new logos, and many new pages. Take a look inside and check it out!

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