Kaufman`s Dead Pool

NOTE: These rules kept here for historical purposes. Parts may no longer be applicable or have been superceded.
Current rules can be found on the 2021 Rules Page

Dead Pool 2005 Rules (Obsolete)

Our Game Defined
Kaufman's Dead Pool (KDP) is a game whereby a group of people each compile a rank-ordered list of famous people that they will die before the end of the year. Everybody contributes $10 to the pot, which is then awarded to 1 or more of the top finishers.
Player Eligibility
Kaufman's Dead Pool is a semi-open game - I don't want a lot of total strangers in on the fun. It's only my friends, family, and their friends and family.
As mentioned above, the person with the most filled body bags at the end of the game wins. In the event of a tie, tie-breaker points will be used to determine standing.
Tie-breaker points are awarded in three different methods:
  1. Age points - The player is awarded (100 - Celeb's Age at death) points. Celebs over 100 earn 0 age points.
  2. Rank points - The #1 pick on a player's list is worth 10 points, the #2 is worth 9 points, etc
  3. Referral points - Players earn 1 point for every current player that they personally referred. Referral points are awarded from the beginning of the game (i.e. no celebrity death is necessary). Note that the game maintainer does not award himself referral points.
Between 1998 and 2004, we only had 1 year in which the pot was split among more than 1 player. Starting with the 2005 game, we will split the collected fees among the top 3 winners:

  • 1st place = 75% of the pot
  • 2nd place = 15%
  • 3rd place = 10%
  • Gambling legality
    CLARIFIED for 2005!. We have learned that as long as the house does not get a cut of the prize, that our game is legal! All of the money will be used as prize money. The entry fee is $10. I reserve the right to deny your prize if you haven't yet paid.
    Fame Definition
    UGH - The BIG question! Since nobody has been able to give me a concrete, objective method to determine fame - either BEFORE or AFTER a celeb's death, then this will forever be a gray area always open for controversy.

    What I'm currently doing is asking people in good faith to only put people that they TRULY feel are famous on their lists. If the name is not familiar to me, I should be able to confirm it very easily on google. If I have to do a big internet search for the person, then that is a good sign that the celeb is lacking in fame. However, just because I CAN find somebody easily does not necessarily mean that they are famous enough. Basically you should be able to say to somebody 'Hey - did you hear that XXX died?'; if they say 'Who's that????', then the person might not be famous enough. Now granted, this still falls under the auspices of how well your acquaintances know all of the celebrities that YOU are familiar with. That's why, in the end, all that I (as the DP maintainer) can do is go by my own gut feeling. Believe me when I say that NOBODY wishes that there was a formalized list of rules to follow more than I do!

    I've tried a number of different methods to give the players some guidelines. One of the earliest ones was one that I borrowed from other deadpools - using the AP. However, my experience has shown that
    1. it takes pretty much NO level of fame to get an AP obit
    2. finding a consistent source of easy-to-retrieve AP obits is very difficult
    3. using an obit as a measure of fame would require the game to have a way of disqualifying picks for insufficient fame after the game started, and we don't have that at this time.
    CLARIFIED for 2005! Note that in past years the AP News wire was the judge - this is no longer the case. If a person is deemed 'famous enough' at the beginning of the game, then they will maintain that status until the end of the game.

    That said, here are a couple of specific conditions:
  • The celebrity must be nationally known. Not just locally or regionally well-known.
  • The celebrity must have achieved their level of fame themselves. It's not enough to be related to a celebrity.
  • Executions don't count. If you put a death-row inmate on your list, you'd better hope that they commit suicide if you want the credit.
  • No minors. Waiting for a child to die would stretch what little amount of taste resides in this game.
  • They must be famous for something OTHER than the fact that they haven't died already. The individual has to have had some level of fame BEFORE they got old and/or sick.
  • Only real humans allowed. No fictional characters, no companies, no fads/concepts, no governments, no animals. How much clearer do I need to be?
  • Game Dates
    The game starts at 12:01 a.m. (EDT) 1/1/2005, and ends at 11:59 p.m. (EDT) 12/31/2005.

    Any celebrity death not announced by that time does not count. Likewise, any deaths that occur BEFORE that time will not count, even if the death was not announced until AFTER the start of the game. Tough luck. In this event, the alternate pick will be used (see below).

    Blackout Period: If you wait until the grace period between 1/1/2005 and 1/7/2005 to send your list, it will not be active until 1/8/2005. That means that if somebody on your list dies during that period - you don't get credit for it. This is an incentive for you to get me your list in a timely manner. All lists received before 1/1/2005 will be in play from the start of the game. Any celebrity that dies between the time you submit your list and the time it goes into effect will not be counted. Therefore, you should include one alternate pick to cover for the person that did die.

    No lists will be accepted after 1/7/2005 for the 2005 game.
    Use of the Alternate Pick
    An 11th pick is requested when you submit your lists. This pick will be used in the event that one of your picks dies before the start of the game and I'm not able to get an updated list from you. It is also used in the event that one of your picks is either already dead, or determined to be not famous enough. In any event, if I am unable to contact you in time, then I will use the alternate pick as the new #10, promoting all picks below the dead/disqualified pick.

    In the event that one of your picks is determined to have died prior to the start of the game, but the game has already started, then the alternate pick will be used in the same way to update your list.

    If I use your alternate pick before the start of the game, then you are encouraged to send me a new alternate. If it is used in-game, then a replacement alternate will not be accepted.

    Note that in games prior to 2005, the Alternate pick was referred to as the 'Wildcard' pick. Starting with 2005, I've changed the name of the pick for clarity's sake; the use of the pick itself is unchanged.
    Multiple entries
    Players are allowed to enter multiple lists. All lists must be paid for. The player must designate one list as their primary list. All additional lists will be considered referrals of the primary list (i.e. the primary list will receive referral points for the additional lists). Since this is a friendly game and community, it is requested that nobody play their primary list anonymously. However, all additional lists can be named however you'd like.
    Withdrawing after the game has started
    To be fair to the other players, you may withdraw, but any entry fee will not be refunded.
    Changing lists after submission
    If the game hasn't started yet, you may submit a modified list. Once the game is under way, however, no changes will be allowed. If you've got a bunch of new picks, you are encouraged to submit a new entry (with entry fee, of course!).
    Player Responsibilities - Before the game
  • Join the mailing list if you're not on it already. All game updates will be communicated through the mailing list. For those worried about excessive email, please be assured that for the most part, the list is pretty low-volume. You are more than welcome to sign up for the mailing list at more than one email address (work and home, for instance). Contact me if you need help doing this.
  • Compile a rank-ordered list of 10 celebrities, plus one alternate celebrity. (Be sure that it is very clear which is the alternate entry. If I can't tell, I will return it to you.) If the celebrity has a common name, then please tell me who it is, so that we are all talking about the same person.
  • Send your list directly to me via email: deadpool@terrik.com . If you're one of the lucky/cursed few that get to see me in real life, feel free to give me a hard-copy list if you'd like, but also be sure to send it to me in email, as well. That way I don't have to worry about keeping your hand-written list around for a year in case of a dispute.
  • Send me your list between 12/25/2004 and 12/31/2004 and it will be in effect at the start of the game (1/1/2005).
  • Send me your list between 1/1/2005 and 1/7/2005 and it will be in effect at 1/8/2005.
  • Send me your list after 1/7/2005 and you'll be out of luck, I'm afraid!
  • Send in your entry fee (hand me cash, mail me a check, or use paypal).
  • Player Responsibilities - After the game
  • Once the lists are made public (on 1/8/2005), check your list on the website to make sure that I didn't mess something up.
  • Send in your entry fee if you haven't paid already. I don't like asking for the money over and over, so please pay as promptly as your situation can handle so that we can both breathe a little easier, ok?
  • Please notify me when one of your picks dies - I try to keep a close eye on the news, but I might miss some of the more obscure hits.
  • If you enjoy this game, then please feel free to invite others to play in the next game.
  • If you don't enjoy this game, then please let me know why.

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