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NOTE: These rules kept here for historical purposes. Parts may no longer be applicable or have been superceded.
Current rules can be found on the 2020 Rules Page

Dead Pool 1998 Rules (Obsolete)

This is an semi-open invitation to join my new Dead Pool! It is semi-open in that I don't want a lot of total strangers in on the fun. It's only my friends, family, and their friends and family.

What is a Dead Pool?
Simply, a dead pool is when a bunch of people each compiles a list of famous people that they think will die before the end of the year. It is not a 'wish list'- a list of people that they HOPE will die, but rather a list of people that they THINK will die.
How are points made?
There are lots of different ways to get points in dead pools. The three most popular are simple count (the total number of correct guesses), an age-weighted count, which favors younger celebrities. (When a celebrity death is announced, whoever has them on their list will get 100 points, minus the celebrity's age. Celebrities over 100 will earn 0 age points.), and a rank-order system, where you get 10 points if your #1 pick dies, 9 points for #2, etc.
In my pool, I will be keeping track of both of these, but will only use the age-weighted count as a tie-breaker.
Is this gambling?
Uhh, I don't really know. Because of that, I am not certain yet if I want to collect an entry fee. For now, I am going to run it as a free game, and award some 'non-prize' to the winner. At some point during the game, I may open it up as a pay game. I would run 2 games, then: the paying player with the most points will get the money, even if a free player has more points. The free player will win the 'non-prize'. If I do open it up as a pay game, anyone that has NOT already gotten points (i.e., none of their celebrities has died yet) can send in the entry fee (which will probably be $5) and join the pay game. All of the money will be used as prize money.
OK- who counts as a famous person?
For the purpose of this game, a famous person is most any nationally known person. This includes movie/TV stars, musicians, athletes and politicians. They do NOT have to be American. I will try to be very liberal about this, but (for instance) the mayor of Podunkville will not be valid, but the mayor of New York City will be. You get the idea, I hope. They DO have to be living humans: no fictional characters, please! The AP News wire will be the judge. If the person is famous enough to get their death mentioned by AP, then they are OK. Also, I will not grant points for a death row inmate's execution. So don't even bother putting them down. Once I get your list, if I do not think that someone is a valid celebrity, I will return your list, and ask you to re-submit it. Only after all of the names are valid will I accept it.
What are the necessary dates to know?
The game starts 12:01 a.m. (EDT) 2/1/1998, and ends at 11:59 p.m. (EDT) 12/31/1998.
Any celebrity death not announced by that time does not count. All lists must be received no later than 24 hours before the start of the game. If you want to join after that date, then your list will not be in effect until 24 hours after I receive it, and send you a note that it was received. Any celebrity that dies between the time you submit your list and the time it goes into effect will not be counted. Therefore, you should include one 'wildcard' to cover for the person that did die.
Can I enter more than one list?
Not unless I make it a pay game, and each additional entry will be another $5.
Can I withdraw after the game has started?
To be fair to the other players, you may withdraw, but any entry fee will not be refunded.
Can I change my list after I submit it?
If the game hasn't started yet, you may submit a modified list. Once the game is under way, however, no changes will be allowed. If you've got a bunch of new picks, you are encouraged to submit a new entry (with entry fee, of course!).
What are the player's responsibilities?
  • Please let me know when you enter if you are interested in a pay game. If enough interest is generated, that will help me to decide.
  • Please let me know when one of your celebrities dies. I will try to keep up with celebrity deaths, but I am sure that there will be many less-famous people, and I will surely miss some.
  • I will send out periodic e-mails to all players concerning standings, and will develop a web site so that you can check whenever you like. Please let me know if you do not have either an email account or web access.
  • Please keep me updated with your current email address. It will be hard to give you the prize if I can't find you.
  • Have fun!
    OK- What do I do?
  • Compile a list of 10 celebrities, plus one wildcard celebrity. (Be sure that it is very clear which is the wildcard entry. If I can't tell, I will return it to you.) If the celebrity has a common name, then please tell me who it is, so that we are all talking about the same person. Also, you must know the name of the celebrity. (Don't send me this list: -governor of California -the actor who played Rambo -etc... ) The list does not have to be rank-ordered. We might do that next year.
  • Send your list to me via email: deadpool@terrik.com
  • Please tell me whether or not you have email/WWW access.
  • After I get your list, I will check it for valid names. If they are all valid, then I will send you a note, and your list is in play 24 hours from that point, or the first day of the game, whichever is later. If I have a question about someone on your list, I will return it to you, and ask you to re-submit it.
  • Once the game starts, let me know if one of your celebrities dies.
  • Check the web page for standings.

    Any questions, contact me at the above email address, or call me if you have my phone number. If you have friends that would like to play, then please show them these rules.

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