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Another dead dictator and a KDP first - now what do I do???

This is the post that I didn't think that I'd have to write - Saddam Hussein was executed, and it turns out that one person had him - Mike Miller. The game rules are pretty specific:

Executions don't count. If you put a death-row inmate on your list, you'd better hope that they commit suicide if you want the credit.

I'm not sure if Mike was counting on that, or if he'd overlooked that rule. In either event, I'm going to disqualify this hit. Right now I don't have the KDP set to actually disqualify a hit, so I'm going to just leave Hussein showing as alive until I fix it. It might be later tonight. It might not be for months.

12/30/2006 NOTE: I've fixed it now - the site now shows when a hit has been disqualified.


Ford shakes up the KDP standings

Wow... This game started off big, and now it's ending big. Former President Gerald Ford died Tuesday at the age of 93, and 41 people had him, including Kelly Keegan, who becomes the first person this year to get a 5th hit, and moves up from second into first place.

Mike Roche's Roche's Candidates List, Mary Ann McSorley, Mike Spinney, Grady Harmon, Charlie Daley and Russ McDonald all see their fourth hit.

Amy Hawthorne, Cathryn Innacola, Tony Eisenberger, Russ McDonald-2, Sandy Downey and Mike Roche's Roche's Famous Really Old People List each record a third hit.

Beth Birchall, Carol Ann Daley, Chuck Daley, Brad Hope, Terri Kaufman, Janet Daley, Bob Razem's List 2, Paul Slaght, Amy Hawthorne our first holiday hit with James Brown's passing. Amy gets her second hit of the game, as well as in the last week. This is Amy's first career solo, and she moves up from 31st to 21st place.

Congrats, Amy!

ALL: Judy Burns
REF: Natalie Tyler
VET: Carol Ann Daley

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