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No longer the funniest man alive

Richard Pryor is dead at the age of 65. 18 people had our 7th-most picked celeb this year: Joan Jenkins, Kelly Keegan, Wally Bates and Shannon Paul all get their 4th hit.

Tim Shaffer, Shawn Martin, Bonnie Candlewyck, Mary Ann McSorley, Greg Tomasetti and Paul Slaght-2 see their 3rd.

Natalie Liccketto, Kristen Peters, Sarah Jane Wallace, Kathy Rice, Ron Dresmann, Jackie Liccketto and Marty Eschman get hit #2.

Finally, Efrain Viscarolasaga gets his first career hit after 2 games, leaving only 4 people in Club Nada. With this, our 29th hit, we have set a new record for percentage of scoring players - 95% have at least 1 hit.

In addition, Senator Eugene McCarthy has died at 89, but he's a Deathlotto-only hit, as he hasn't been picked since 2004.

Congrats, everyone!


Bosom Buddy gives us our first 7-hitter!

Actress Wendie Jo Sperber is dead at 43, with 3 lists seeing a hit, including ROOKIE Joe Biasi who maintains his strangle-hold on the top spot with this, his SEVENTH HIT. Joe becomes the first person in the history of the KDP to get 7 hits.

In addition, Bob Razem's main list as well as his Hollywood Heartbreaks List both included Sperber, with a 6th hit and 3rd hit, respectively. Bob becomes the 3rd person this year, and only the 5th person ever, to get 6 hits. His main list moves up to 2nd place from 3rd, while his Hollywood Heartbreaks list leaps from 49th to 10th.

Congrats, Joe and Bob!

P.S. Look for your 2006 invitations sometime within the next week!

ALL: Natalie Tyler-2
REF: Bob Razem
VET: Rich Place

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