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Another last minute hit!

Bandleader Artie Shaw is dead today at the age of 94, breaking our record for latest hit set only a few days ago. Shaw is our 25th hit of the game.

Bob Razem will be happy to hear that although 2 players had him, neither were among the other 4-hitters.

Cynthia Eschman gets her 3rd hit and moves up from 15th place to 7th, while Sheila Place finally makes the board, jumping to 33rd. This was her first hit in 521 days, a dubious record now held by Terri Kilheffer, who is 480 days without a hit. Sheila's hit leaves only 3 players in Club Nada, as she becomes the 45th player to score this year, bringing to 94% the number of scoring players - a new record!

Congrats, Cynthia and Sheila!

Note: 3 players have already submitted Shaw for 2005 - if you don't send me a replacement before tomorrow night, then I'll just use your alternate picks.


New record for latest hit!

Texas Rangers coach Johnny Oates died today, Christmas Eve, at the age of 58, giving four players an early Christmas present, and handing us our latest-ever hit.

Kevin Byrnes, Grady Harmon and Mike Spinney all get their fourth hit, with Kevin moving from 4th place to 2nd place, just 9 tiebreaker points away from 1st. We now have 5 players with 4 hits and 7 days left in the game!

In addition, Brendan Carty scores his 2nd hit, making a mighty leap from 40th to 14th.

Congrats and Merry Christmas, all!


Yassir, he's finally dead!

So how should we best remember Yassar Arafat? As a Nobel Peace Prize Winner? As a ruthless terrorist responsible for ordering the deaths of thousands? Or as a feeble, sick old man blowing baby kisses to the world as he's airlifted to his French deathbed?

In the end, who cares? Well, I'll tell you of THREE people who care:

Marty Eschman becomes the third player this year to get four hits, moving up from 8th to 3rd place.

Marge Sing gets her third hit, jumping from 21st to 6th place.

And last but not least, Mrs. KDP herself, Terri Kaufman, is up to 2 hits now, and leaps from 33rd to 14th.

Congrats, all!


Pierre Salinger

Pierre Salinger, former press secretary to JFK and LBJ died Saturday at the age of 79. Grady Harmon gets his third hit and second solo of the game. He moves from 14th to 4th place.

Grady is now tied with Bob Razem for most solos this game.

Congrats, Grady!


Death of Superman

Christopher Reeve is dead at 52, giving rookie Greg Tomasetti his second hit of the game and his first solo. Greg earns a whopping 50 tiebreaker points, which catapults him from 32nd to 11th place.

This was our 21st hit, which ties us with the record set just last year.

Congrats, Greg!


Last respects

I go to see my doctor, he tells me that I'm fat.

I tell him I want a second opinion...

He says "You're ugly, too"

Man, that's some good stuff. Stand-the-test-of-time stuff.
Rodney Dangerfield is dead at 82. We had 4 scoring players: Joan Jenkins, Curtis Turner and Joe Lupo all get their second hit of the game, moving from 26th, 33rd and 34th to 15th, 14th and 17th places respectively. (Yes, Curtis leap-frogged Joan)

Scoring her first career hit is Beth Birchall, who moves up to 27th.

Wally Bates missed his 3rd hit by listing him as his wildcard pick.

Congrats, all!

And Mr. Dangerfield - you will be missed!


Skeeter bites ... the dust

Country singer Skeeter Davis is dead at the age of 72, giving Nolan Eschman his first hit of the year and his first career solo. Nolan jumps to 23rd place, leaving only 5 souls in Club Nada. Not bad for a 2 year-old, eh?

Skeeter was our 19th hit of the game, leaving us only 2 to go until we've tied the record set just last year.

Congrats, Nolan!


Death authority going for final study

Leading death expert Elisabeth Kubler-Ross died yesterday at the age of 78, giving Grady Harmon his second hit of the year, and boosting him from 25th to 13th place. This is Grady's 2nd career solo.

Congrats, Grady!


Stick a fork in her - she's done!

Julia Child,our 5th-most picked celeb, is dead at the age of 91, and 11 people had her. Sheryl Place, Rich Place, Sandy Downey all record their 3rd hit of the game as well as their second hit of the week!. Marty Eschman also got his 3rd hit of the game. We now have 9 players with 3 or more hits!

Colin Boroski, Marge Sing, Elizabeth Anderson and rookie Matt Santom all mark their 2nd hit of the game.

Making it to the board for the first time this year are Carol Ann Daley, Brendan Carty and rookie Kathy Rice.

Congrats, everyone!


Fay'd aWray

(ok ok ok - that needs some work!) Anyway, Fay Wray is dead at the age of 96. Leading the pack of 7 scoring players is Brad Hope, getting his third hit of the year, and moving from 11th to 5th place.

Marking their second hits of the year are: Cynthia Eschman (who jumps from 12th to 7th place), Sheryl Place (moving from 13th to 10th place), her little brother Rich Place (jumping to 12th place from 16th) and yours truly, Gene Kaufman (I move from 19th to 13th). Sandy Downey and Candy York move out of a 6-way tie for 24th into a 2-way tie for 15th place.

Kevin Byrnes missed out on getting a 4th hit by listing Wray as his wildcard pick.

In addition, this was our 16th hit of the game, which puts this year second only to last year's record 21 hits.

Congratulations, everyone!


Dead Adair

Red Adair, the world-famous firefighter portrayed by John Wayne in Hellfighter, is dead at 89. Rookie Bill Hillegas gets his first solo, and his second hit, leaping from 37th place to 9th place.

Congrats, Bill!


The Godfather

Marlon Brando is dead at 80, and 4 people picked him. Cathryn Innacola gets her 4th hit of the year and moves into 2nd place.
Charles Daley and Kharen Zeunert each record their 2nd hit, and rookie Jackie Liccketto makes the board for the first time

Congrats, all!


We begin embalming in five minutes
(Thanks, Spinn!)

Ronald Reagan is our biggest hit ever - 33 people won one for the Gipper. That's more players than we've ever had playing in any one game previously! Reagan is tied with The Pope for the most picks this year, but holds the record for the most-ever picked. (Only 28 people picked both Reagan and The Pope). The standings, naturally, are shuffled up a bit, although the top 5 players all had him. 68% of the players scored today, bringing our total percentage of scoring players this game to 79%.

Getting his 4th hit for the first time in his career is our current leader Bob Razem.

Kevin Byrnes, Cathryn Innacola and Mike Spinney all receive their 3rd hit.

Wally Bates, John Downey, Marty Eschman and Brad Hope each record a 2nd hit.

Returning players getting their first hit of the game: Elizabeth Anderson, Nancy Arbaugh, Colin Boroski, Sandy Downey, Grady Harmon, Gene Kaufman, Terri Kaufman, Joe Lupo, Rich Placeand Marge Sing.

Joan Jenkins gets her first career hit after 514 days.

Rookie players hitting the board for the first time:
Travis Blinkenberg, Katy Conlin, Janet Daley, Michelle Hess, Bill Hillegas, Shawn Martin, Kristin Peters, Matt Santom, Brad Smith, Greg Tomasetti, Curtis Turner, Candy Yorkand Kharen Zeunert.

And finally, in the battle-within-the-game,
The Ever Hopeful Democrat gets the first strike against Donkey Death.

Congratulations, everyone!


Death of a Presidential Historian

Presidential historian William Manchester becomes our 3rd hit in as many days, bringing TWO more players to the board: Charles Daley gets his first-ever career hit after 511 days of play, and moves up to 7th place. Scoring his first hit of 2004 is John Downey, who slides up to 9th place.

Congrats, Charles and John!


Another Eschman family hit!

Playwright Joe Rosenthal is dead at 72, and just as yesterday we saw Marty's patience for Archibald Cox pay off, today it's his wife Cynthia Eschman's turn to see HER her solitary 4-year vigil for Rosenthal come to fruition. Cynthia leaps from 12th to 6th place with her first hit of the game, as well as her first career solo.

Congratulations, Cynthia!



Archibald Cox, the Watergate prosecutor fired by Nixon, died yesterday at the age of 92. Marty Eschman has been waiting 2 years for him to croak, and his patience has paid off as he becomes the 10th player to score this game, and gets his 2nd career solo. Marty jumps to 8th place from 21st.

Congrats, Marty!


Tony Randall

Tony Randall died on Monday at the age of 84. Three people claimed him as their first-ever hit. Sheryl Place gets her first hit after 503 days in Club Nada, while rookies Mary Ann McSorley and Janet Daley also had him.

Sheryl moves to 6th place, with Mary Ann following her into 7th place. Janet had Randall as her wildcard, and therefore receives no points.

Congrats, Sheryl and Mary Ann!


Dan Allen

Turns out that Monday actually produced 2 hits - just received word that former Holy Cross coach Dan Allen died at the age of 48. Our current leader and reigning King of Obscure Hits, Bob Razem scores his 3rd hit and 2nd solo of the year. This is Bob's 6th career solo, and he is now tied with Cathryn Innacola for most career solos.

Congratulations, Bob!


Barney Kessel not so jazzy anymore

Jazz legend Barney Kessel is dead at the age of 80. Contrary to Spinn's earlier missive, both he AND Kevin Byrnes have scored their second hit. Kevin leap-frogs Cathryn to take second place, and Mike does likewise to Wally to move into 4th.

Congrats, Kevin and Spinn!


Estee Lau-dead

Estee Lauder broke our 50 day dryspell when she died Saturday at 97. Two players picked her - Brad Hope and Sarah Jane Wallace, who each make the board for the first time this year. Brad and Sarah Jane are now tied for 6th place.

Congrats, Brad and Sarah Jane!


Masterdead Theatre Closed

I knew that Spinn would come through for us! Alistair Cooke is dead at 95, giving Mike Spinney his first hit of 2004, and his 4th career solo. He now moves into 5th place

Does anybody else remember a recurring segment on Sesame Street where Cookie Monster would play a character named Alistair Cookie, the host of Monsterpiece Theater?

No? Just me? Darn.

In any event, Congrats, Spinn!


But what about HIS head?

John Henry Williams, the controversial son of Ted Williams, is dead at 35. Bob Razem moves into first place with his second hit, and rookie Kevin Byrnes makes it to the board for the first time.

Congrats, Bob and Kevin!


Dead Canadian...

Canadian Parliment leader Claude Ryan died today at the age of 79. This is Bob Razem's first hit of the game, and his 5th career solo. Bob moves up to 3rd place.

Congrats, Bob!


Framed by an Angel

Janet Frame, the not-schizophrenic author of Angel at my Table is dead at 79. This is Cathryn Innacola's first solo and second hit of the game, moving her to first place. Cathryn now has the most career hits at 15; she also holds the record for most career solos with this, her 6th.

Congrats, Cathryn!


Helen Kleeb died too soon

Just got word that The Waltons' Helen Kleeb died on December 28th, 2003 - a bit too early for Candy York, who put her on her 2004 list, and was the only person to have EVER picked her. I'll have to go under the hood and get the Necromatic to properly reflect this; obviously the standings and the game are unaffected. Kleeb will be removed from Candy's list, and her #7-#10 picks will all be promoted. Her wildcard pick (Jerry Lewis), will be moved into the #10 slot.


Entry closed, Players lists made public...

Well, today is the big day! Entries for the 2004 Kaufman's Deadpool will no longer be accepted, and all of the lists will be made public today. This year really promises to be a great game - we have a total of ... brace yourselves... 48 people playing this year! That is a 78% increase over 2003! For the first time in the history of the game, we have ALL of the previous players returning for more of the morbid fun that is our sick little game. In addition, a record 14 players brought along one or more people. A big thanks to everyone for sharing the love!

Some notable entries this year: as we did last year, we have 2 kids playing - 20 month old Nolan Eschman and my daughter, 5 year old Madison Kaufman. I don't remember how Nolan's list was picked last year (when he was a mere 8 months old), but Cynthia told me that this year she's used Madison's method of throwing all the names in a hat and having him draw the first 10 out. A true random pick for both kids this year. Before you scoff at this method, keep in mind that Madison got 2 hits last year, while Nolan had 3.

In addition, as is only fitting for this presidential election year, we have entries from 2 players with purely political lists: The Ever Hopeful Democrat and Donkey Death. Will this mini-challenge mirror what will transpire at the voting booth this November??? Should be quite entertaining to see how it unfolds!

Earlier in the week, Mike Spinney had an interesting idea for a challenge, a pre-game game, if you will, to predict what the top 10 picked celebrities would be. I really liked this idea, but unfortunately, I was simply too busy this week to present it to the group. While I was accumulating lists, I kept an eye on the race for the most-picked celeb. From the beginning, it was always a 2-man event between Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II. As the lists trickled in, first one would be the most-picked, and then the other, and it was constantly switching back and forth; one never got more than a 2 or 3 entry lead over the other. In the end, however, there was a tie! Each man was picked by 33 players, but not the same 33 for both.

Lastly, I'd like to take a moment to again thank everyone for their continued support of the KDP. I've always envisioned this game to be a bit of a community-builder, and we've certainly got that here. A community that others perhaps will deem to be a bit sick, but in the words of Cynthia Eschman: "Whatever. Bite Me."

Good luck to everyone!


You gotta believe in the deadpool!

5 days into our new game, and we've got our first hit! Baseball hall of famer Tug McGraw is dead at the age of 59, and 2 players had him, breaking our 57 day Dry Spell. Cathryn Innacola and Rookie Wally Bates are now tied for first place. Wally picked McGraw as his #2 pick, while he was Cathryn's #5 pick. Cathryn's 3 referral points evens up the tie-breaker score to 50 points each.

This is our earliest-ever hit, breaking even last year's record-setting 18 days to first hit. Wally also earns the distinction of having the lowest Days Before First Ever Hit, while Cathryn is now tied for most career hits; she already holds the record for most career solos and is also tied for most hits in a game.

For those of you still waiting to play - I need your list by midnight tomorrow, January 7th.

Congratulations, Cathryn and Wally!


2004 Game under way!

Our 7th game is off, and KDP recruiting champ Mike Spinney takes an early lead on referral points.

As of right now, I have already received 36 lists for 2004, and am expecting a total of about 45 or so. Quite a bump up from our usual number of "about" 30 players.

If you'd like to play, get me your list before January 7th. All lists received between now and the 7th will be in play on January 8th. That means that if you didn't get me your list until January 1st, and one of your picks dies on the 6th, you will not get credit for it. Only players who had their list in BEFORE the start of the game will get credit for any hits during the first week. No lists will be accepted after the 7th.

In addition, I will not be posting the players' lists until January 8th.

Good luck, everyone!


New game starting soon!

Hello all! I'm just getting the pages ready now for the 2004 game. This is a good opportunity for me to remind you that there won't be any player list information on here until January 8th. Next week (after Christmas), I'll be sending everybody a copy of their lists in email for verification. Until then, have a good holiday!

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