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Another last minute hit!

Bandleader Artie Shaw is dead today at the age of 94, breaking our record for latest hit set only a few days ago. Shaw is our 25th hit of the game.

Bob Razem will be happy to hear that although 2 players had him, neither were among the other 4-hitters.

Cynthia Eschman gets her 3rd hit and moves up from 15th place to 7th, while Sheila Place finally makes the board, jumping to 33rd. This was her first hit in 521 days, a dubious record now held by Terri Kilheffer, who is 480 days without a hit. Sheila's hit leaves only 3 players in Club Nada, as she becomes the 45th player to score this year, bringing to 94% the number of scoring players - a new record!

Congrats, Cynthia and Sheila!

Note: 3 players have already submitted Shaw for 2005 - if you don't send me a replacement before tomorrow night, then I'll just use your alternate picks.


New record for latest hit!

Texas Rangers coach Johnny Oates died today, Christmas Eve, at the age of 58, giving four players an early Christmas present, and handing us our latest-ever hit.

Kevin Byrnes, Grady Harmon and Mike Spinney all get their fourth hit, with Kevin moving from 4th place to 2nd place, just 9 tiebreaker points away from 1st. We now have 5 players with 4 hits and 7 days left in the game!

In addition, Brendan Carty scores his 2nd hit, making a mighty leap from 40th to 14th.

Congrats and Merry Christmas, all!

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