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2002 Game over!

Congratulations to Mike Spinney for winning with a record-tying 4 hits. This is the 2nd year in a row that the winner was tied with 4 hits.
I want to thank everyone for playing in what was arguably the wildest year yet. It's not too late to join the 2003 game, as long as I get your list by January 7th.


Are You Ready For Some Death?

Roone Arledge, former president of ABC Sports and creator of Monday Night Football is dead at age 71, and only Mike Spinney and his alter-ego, returning champ Grim Reaper picked him. Mike truly now knows the thrill of victory as he leaps to the lead. Rich Place learns the agony of defeat as he gives up the cherished seat that he has kept warm continuously since March 27th.

Mike also becomes only the fifth player to get 4 hits in a game. That record is also held, unbelievably, by 2 others this year.

So congrats to Mike and Grim - and remember that the game is not over until 12/31, and as you can see - it's a 3-way tie for first place. You surely don't want to miss out on this next year, do you? I didn't think so... "Offical" Invite is coming soon.


Our Dead Man Flint

James Coburn has died, ending our latest, 62-day, dryspell. Only Rich's greyhound, Clint, was smart enough to pick him. Clint leaps from 22nd to 12th place.

While I have everyone's attention - it's not too early to start thinking about next year's game. I'll be sending out the "official" invite in about 2 weeks, but next week while you are sitting around the thanksgiving table with your family - don't forget to begin your recruiting efforts. Remember that each new player you bring to the game gives you one tie-breaker point. You could be ahead as soon as the game starts!


Bullet Bites the Dry Spell

75 days.

It wasn't our longest dry spell, but it was the longest in nearly 2 years. Some thought that the game was starting to get boring. Some thought that the game needed some side bets. Some thought that the game called for some wild, midget-based predictions.
OK, those weren't ALL me, but I'll admit that I resemble a COUPLE of them. It really doesn't matter anymore, now does it?
Because now, we've FINALLY got a hit!
Bob "Bullet" Hayes, former blah blah blah is dead (you've all read Spinn's excellent obituary, so no need for me to strain my brain describing this corpse I'd never heard of before).
And yes, Mike Spinney's third hit of the game is his second career solo, and he has now moved up to 3rd place.
And yes, Spinn's math is wrong - according to the Necromatic, his tiebreaker point total is 128.
And yes, I lost the side bet to Spinn where I said that a Top 10 celeb would die on my vacation.
And yes, I won an unrelated side bet where Brad was convinced that Bob Hope would be the next to go.
And yes, I was wrong when I stated that Meinhardt Raabe would be the dryspell-breaker.
And yes, I had an emergency appendectomy in Key West but still had the best vacation of my life.
And yes, I can stop this "yes" thing anytime I want to.

I just choose NOT to.


Dead Williams

Half the business world may be taking a vacation today (including yours truly), but apparently DEATH is not, as Ted Williams has finally struck out. Ted was tied for #10 on the All-time picked list, and this year, five players picked him, although only four scored: Marty Eschman and Joe Lupo both used Ted to score their third hit, and move ahead of the rest with 3 hits, including Grady Harmon, who would have been sitting really pretty, but probably can't sit at all right now from kicking himself for putting Williams in the Wildcard slot.
Scoring his second hit is rookie Brad Hope, who makes a respectable jump from 20th to 12th. And FINALLY breaking free of Club Nada is Brian Fisher, leaving only 3 players without a hit this game, and putting our number of scoring players at 89%.


Come On-A-My Deadpool

Rosemary Clooney died yesterday and now Cathryn Innacola jumps from 5th to 2nd place. This is Cathryn's third career solo, and she is only the fourth person in the history of the game to get 4 hits in a single game.


Dapper Dead

This year's #2 most-picked and our all-time #9 most-picked worm food, John Gotti, is dead. 13 players benefitted from his first humanitarian effort, including our current leader, Rich Place, who is now tied for the most hits in a single game (4) as well as taking the lead for career hits with this, his ninth hit.

An unprecedented number of players scored their 3rd hit: Rookie Powerhouse Grady Harmon, Brendan Carty, Shannon Paul and Cathryn Innacola. This is the first time we've ever had more than 2 players with 3 hits.

5 players used The Teflon Corpse to secure their 2nd hit.

Special mention should also be made for two ladies who scored their first-ever hit after 2 games: Mrs. KDP herself, Terri Kaufman and Cynthia Eschman.

Also, returning player Bob Razem gets his first hit of the game.

With an astounding 86% of the players on the board, this leaves only 4 scoreless players in the game.

And to think that we're not even HALFWAY through the game!


Banzer-watch ends...

The much-discussed Hugo Banzer has finally died, giving returning champion Mike Spinney and his alter-ego Grim Reaper a place on the board.


Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle leads to Deadpool mobility

Layne Staley, frontman for the band Alice in Chains finally lost his battle with his own personal demons as his body has been found dead of an overdose. Only rookie Joe Lupo had the guts to place a 34 y/o rocker on his list, and for that courage scored on the second youngest celebrity in the history of the game. Joe takes a good leap from 15th place to 2nd.


Queen Mum finishes off an incredible week.

I'm stunned, simply speechless. The Queen Mother is our 4th hit in as many days. She is our #4 most-picked of all time, our #3 most-picked this year, and was in the top 10 for the last 4 years.
This year 12 people picked her, including Rich Place, who finally broke his own personal record of 2 hits in a year, and sets a record for most career hits, with 8. Rich retains the lead in this game.
Marge Sing followed through on her promise to get her second hit in less than 3 weeks.
And we have quite a few rookies getting their first hit, including our own KDP Mum, Carol Peddie, Joe Lupo, Nancy Arbaugh and Darrell Grise. Sheila Place, (who is probably still sore from kicking herself over not carrying Milton Berle after having him as her #1 pick last year) and myself also made it to the board for the first time this game.
Getting their second hit this year was Brendan Carty, John Downey, Cathryn Innacola and Shannon Paul. In all, 12 people scored today, bringing our total to 19 players on the board, which is a game record.


Big day keeps getting bigger!

It was just announced that Billy Wilder died last night, giving us our biggest day ever - a triple hit day, and our first Daily Double - Rookie player Grady Harmon gets his very first pair of hits on the same day. Also scoring was 2000's first and second place finishers, Shannon Paul and Cathryn Innacola, both of whom were scoreless last year.


Dudley No Moore
(ok, I stole that from Spinney...)

Dudley Moore is dead at 66. The first to go from our top 10 picked celebrities, he was the #6 most-picked celebrity of all time, #9 for 2002, #4 for 2001, and #7 for 2000. This year, 6 people were wise enough to put him on their list, including our new leader Rich Place. Rich is now tied for most career hits, with 7. Scoring their first hit ever is Carol Ann Daley, Grady Harmon and Karen Russell. Brendan Carty and Marty Eschman also scored. Mike Spinney picked him as his wildcard.


Uncle Milty tops off a big day

WOW! A true two-fer day! Milton Berle follows on the heels of Dudley Moore, and amazingly, nobody in the game had both! Like Dudley, Uncle Milty was an often-picked celebrity: #10 overall, #8 in 2001, #9 in both 2000 and 1999.
4 people picked him this year, and he was the first hit for all of them: congrats to first timers John Downey, Brad Hope and Rich's DOG Clint Place. A special congrats go out to Marge Sing, who has FINALLY got her first hit 3 games and a record-setting 816 days after starting with us!


No Mystery how our seemingly frozen game got Thawed...

Mystery's Inspector Morse, John Thaw, is dead, which gives Sarah Jane Wallace her first career solo, and moves her from last to first place.
Congrats and Happy Birthday, Sarah Jane!


No More Fever

Peggy Lee starts the game off by giving Rich Place an early lead.


Game Underway!

Welcome to the 5th annual (WOW!) Kaufman's Deadpool. We had a very exciting game last year, and hopefully this year will prove to be no less exciting. Right out of the gate, we've got 18 players, and I know of at least 3 or 4 others who haven't sent me their lists yet.
If you think that you've missed the fun, don't worry -it's not too late to join! Just get me your list as soon as possible, hopefully with entry fee not far behind!
Good luck to all players!


New Game starting soon!

Just getting the pages ready now. I won't post the player's lists until the game starts.

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