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2001 Game Over!

Thanks, everyone, for a terrific game! And a big Congratulations to Grim Reaper, who scored a record-tying 4 hits.
Please be sure to check out the 2002 Game! Hope to see you there!


The Quiet Beatle

Bob Razem's all rock-n-roll list gets his first hit of the game with his solo pick of George Harrison. This breaks him free from 16-way tie for last place up to 6th place.


Increasing his lead...

The Grim Reaper extends his lead to FOUR with the news of Senator Emily Couric's death. Mr. Research is now tied for Most Hits in a Game with Betty Smith.


He's not a dead midget, he's a dead DWARF, you A-Hole!

Well, we finally broke our 68 day dryspell. The game's own founder scored a whopping 64 points on Hank The Angry Drunk Dwarf from the Howard Stern Show. Hank lifted me to 2nd place.


Back-to-back hits gives us a new leader

We just learned today that Leo Feathers died on June 23rd, which pushes Grim Reaper into the lead. This is the Grim one's 2nd solo.


The rest of the Odd Couple

Big hit today! 5 players picked Jack Lemmon, who is dead at 76. Now that she has hit the board, Terri Kilheffer is continuing her climb, and is now in 3rd Place. Also, 1998 Champion Betty Smith and Sheila Place have finally broke their 501 day dry spells. Betty also extends her record of career hits to 7. 2 rookies also made the board for the first time: Derek Lyons and Prince Sundar.


He's DEAD, ya meathead!

Carroll O`Connor is dead at 76, and Rich Place has his first hit of the game. Carol Ann Daley had Mr. Bunker listed as her wildcard pick. Rich moves up to 8th place.


Imogene Coca breaks long-standing dryspell

Well, we have a new recordholder for Most Days before First Hit. Terri Kilheffer was previously tied with Marge Sing for Most Days without a hit, but now with Imogene Coca's death Terri has finally moved up to the ranks of scoring players. Also scoring for the first time is Brendan Carty. (Interestingly, both Terri and Brendan had Coca as their #5 pick.)
Now it's Marge's turn...


Charley Pell causes Grim Reaper to reveal himself

Mike Spinney got so excited to hear of the death of Charley Pell that he inadvertantly (?) revealed himself to be Grim Reaper. Mike's alter ego jumps up to 2nd place


Another Rookie Solo via Como

Rookie Mack Strouss joins the scoreboard with a solo on Perry Como. Mack moves up to 9th place.


Another wildcard-only hit.

Just a note that Mike Spinney's wildcard pick, Jimmy Logan, has died.


Another List

Just wanted to point out that we finally got a list from Ed Weiler. His list will be in effect 4/12/2001.


He's outta here!

Willie Stargell is dead, and Sarah Jane Wallace jumps into the lead with her 2nd hit. Mike Spinney also made it to the board.


Deadpool Dreamin'

John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas is dead, and another rookie makes it to the board with a solo hit. Congrats to Marty Eschman, who jumps to fifth place.


One Downey, one to go...

Mort the Mouth. has finally shut up, and this time, 3 players - all rookies - picked him. Congrats to Katie McDonough,Sarah Jane Wallace, and Mike Terpstra. Katie and Sarah Jane are now tied for second place, with Mike right behind them.


2 in a row!

OK, I'll be honest - I'd never even HEARD of Harold Stassen until I started compiling this year's list. But he's a big-time Presidential "also ran". He's also dead at 93, and I was the only one who had him. So this hit is notable for a couple of reasons:

  • It is the first time in the 4 year history of the game that I have ever held an untied lead.
  • It is my third Career Solo, which makes me tied with Betty and Shannon.
  • If you remember (or check the message archive), I predicted that the next hit would be by March 6th. Today is the 5th, and I now predict that the next one will be by March 27th.


So close...

I was so confident that no one had Dale Earnhardt that I didn't run to my list as soon as I saw the news. It turns out that I was only half correct in my confidence- Derek Lyons picked him as his wildcard entry. This is the first time that a player's wildcard entry had died during the game. All we can give Derek is the "Close, but no cigar" award.


Sooner than predicted...

Anne Morrow Lindbergh flew off today, which is a full 2 weeks earlier than my previous prediction of 2/21. I was the only player who had her, breaking the game's longest dry spell. It was my first hit in 518 days. Feels good to be back in the game!


Al McGuire

I don't know anything about sports, so I can't even come up with anything witty to say about Al McGuire, except that it's nice to see the game underway! Rookies Colin Boroski and Grim Reaper were the only players to score.


Here we go...

Alright, it's finally here! Right out of the gate, we've got a leader with the hyper-recruiting machine, Mike Spinney. We've got 17 players so far, with a total of 41 - 43 that have said that they will play. Most of the people that have said that they will play but haven't given me a list yet HAVE paid their entry fees, so we are set to have a good pot.
I'll make all the introductions in a day or two, once I get a few more lists.
Good luck to all!


Welcome to the 2001 Game!

I'm just getting the new game started up, so you might see some broken links or outdated pages until the game actually starts.

Also, I don't think it's fair to publish the player's lists until at least CLOSER to the start of the game, so the players page is missing, but the
Standings Page will give you an idea of how many people are playing. If you are a returning player and don't see your name listed, that's because you haven't told me that you are planning on returning. Please let me know if you are planning on returning.

Don't forget that you can earn referral points for bringing in your friends and family. Just send them to the Invitation Page.

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