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George Armstrong. Lifetime in the Penalty box

NHL Hall of Famer George Armstrong has died at 90, ending Mike Roche's Sporting Guys List's 5 year solo vigil, as he gets his second hit of the year and moves up to 9th place.

Congrats, Mike!

Blurb credit: Mike Roche


Hello, this is Larry King. Good bye.

Larry King has died and 6 first-time callers picked up the hit: Carol Ann Roke, Toe Tag, Aunti Di's List 2, Paul Lineback, Shelley Brown's List 2 and Natalie Tyler's The C Files List.

Well... first-time THIS year...

Congrats, all!

Blurb credit: Michael Roche
Honorable mention: Brooklyn, New York. You're on. No, wait. You're off. (Mike Spinney)


He’s going DEEP to center field

Baseball great Hank Aaron has died at 86, and 2 players picked up the homer. Natalie Tyler's Sporting Chance List, which picks up a second hit and moves up 8th place. Brave Sir Robin gets his first hit of the year.

Congratulations, Natalie and BSR!

Blurb credit: Kelly Keegan


It`s a Darn Good Death (when you`ve got a wife like Honeycomb)

Jimmie Rodgers was an early rock & roll star who just died at the age of 87, ending Grady Harmon's 4 year solo vigil as he picks up his first hit of the year and moves up to 11th place.

Congratulations, Grady!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney

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