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Pierre Cardin out of fashion

Designer Pierre Cardin has died at the age of 98, and only 3 players were extremely fashionable, including Grady Harmon, who becomes the third player this year to get a 7th hit, as he moves into a money slot in 3rd place.

Toe Tag and Brave Sir Robin each snag their fifth hit.

Congrats, all!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney

2021 Game notes!
- Obviously, if you've sent me Pierre Cardin for 2021 then you'll need to get me a replacement if you didn't include extras.
- Please don't wait until the last minute to submit your lists - especially if you have new-to-the-game celebs. Remember that any unvetted celebs submitted after noon (ET) on 12/31 will not be accepted, so at the very least - get those to me ahead of time!
- I've had a lot of people submit Tom Parker for 2021 and I've denied his fame - a member of a one-hit wonder European boy band that you only know because of his recently announced cancer news falls under the "Only famous for still being alive" disqualification rule. You can see who else has been denied on the NOT FAMOUS page.

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