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Big shakeup in the game today as former President George H. W. Bush has died at the age of 94. Bush was our 5th most-picked-ever, as well as the 2nd most picked for 2018. 28 players got the hit, including Kelly Keegan's List 2, who snags his Fifth hit, and takes the lead.

Picking up a fourth hit are Natalie Tyler's Diet of Worms List, Nathan Raupach, Gene Kaufman and Kevin Byrnes.

A third hit goes to Carol Ann Roke, Jim Bull, Bob Lyhus, Bob Broadhurst, Paul Lineback, Katy Conlin's List 2 , Lindsey Roke, Shelley Brown's List 2 , Kelly Keegan's List 3 and Natalie Tyler's Republicans Reposing, Most Likely to Succeed: Class of 2018 , and Old Friends Lists.

Getting their second: Natalie Tyler's Politics Can Be Deadly! List, Kelly Keegan's List 1 , Mike Roche's Celebrities List, Rich Place, Grady Harmon, Nancy Freebery, Neil Hall and Judith Place.

Finally, making the board for the first time this year: Laura Welliver's Who dat? List, Brad Hope and Mike Roche's Politicos List.

Congratulations, all!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney
Honorable Mentions:
GHW Bush now Bushed (Mike Roche)
Bush Died blew Deadpool wide! (Kelly Keegan)

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