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Rose Marie Dead

Let me take a break from entering the 2018 entries to bring you the news that Dick Van Dyke star Rose Marie Mazetta has died at the age of 94, and 3 players had her on 4 lists: Aunti Di's List 2 gets her 3rd hit, moving up to 9th place.

Natalie Tyler's `M` is the Deadliest Letter List gets her 2nd, while her Let`s Hear It For the Girls List and Bob Lyhus each pick up their first of the year.

Congrats, all!


Johnny Bower pulled from the game

NHL Hall of Famer Johnny Bower has died at 93, and 2 players picked up the late game point: Natalie Tyler's Sporting Chance List snags her 4th hit of the game, moving from 10th to 5th place, while Mike Roche's List 1 makes the board for the first time this year.

Congratulations, Natalie and Mike!

Blurb credit: Mike Roche


Lawless and in Hell

Disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law has died at 86, giving Mike Spinney a nice little late-game bump as his 6th hit moves him into second place

Congratulations, Mike!

Blurb Credit: Bob Lyhus

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