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Deadpool 2000

Well, after a quiet year, we are about to wrap up this year's deadpool. But don't despair - a new game is already in the works. That's right - the Millennial Edition of Kaufman's Dead Pool is now open!. So put on your thinking caps, and start reviewing your lists for next year. Also, why not help spread some of this fun around to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers? Remember - more people = bigger pot. This year's pot of $70 looks like it is on its way to Shannon Paul, but there are still 3 weeks left in the game, so no telling what will happen!


Smile!! You're dead!

OK, finally seeing some action in this game again, and this time, your host is the only one to get any points. It seems that Allen Funt has had his last peep. However, in a bizarre twist, the standings are unaffected.


Another player!!!!

Even though the game is half over, we finally got Scott Bussell's entry. Scott played last year and we're glad to see that he's finally got off his butt and rejoined us ( hint hint, Jeff!). His entry fee brings the pot up to a pretty respectable $80. So, welcome, Scott, and good luck! Scott's list will be in effect 6/17/99.


The Velvet Fog...

The dryspell is over, it seems, and The Velvet Fog is no longer with us. That's right, Mel Torme has left the building. Rich Place had ol' Mel on his list, and that moves him into a solid 2nd place. The Standings Page has been updated.


Welcome a new Mark Player

Well, the Rich Place Deadpool Recruitment Machine is still running. We welcome Mike Spinney to the game - his picks are visible on the Players Page. Mike's list is effective as of 5/19/99.


Joltin' Joe

Joe Dimaggio is gone, and our little game is starting to pick up. Last year's champion, Betty Smith is finally on the board, but the one to watch is our current leader, Shannon Paul, who stretches his lead to 2 picks!


The King is dead! (finally!)

Congratulations to our newest player for taking an early lead. After watching King Hussein cling to life for 3 days, Shannon Paul scores with his #1 pick, earning him a total of 47 points. The Standings Page has been updated.


Deadpool '99 site back up

If you are reading this then it should be pretty obvious that the site is finally up and running again!

We've got a new player to welcome: Shannon Paul, who comes to us via Rich Place. (Rich should probably get some kind of prize for bringing in the most people!) Remember, it's never too late to join, so please spread the word! We currently have 6 paying players, and could stand to build that pot up a bit!

Anyway, welcome, Shannon! You can view his list on the
Players Page.


Deadpool '99 Underway!

Congratulations to Betty Smith for winning the Inaugural Kaufman's Dead Pool!
Now it is time to turn our attention to the game just starting up...
The returning players include my mother-in-law (and current KDP champion), Betty Smith and her daughter (my sister-in-law) Donna Giorgio .
New players include my friend (and co-worker) Rich Place, his mother, Sheila Place, and my friend (and former co-worker) Andrew Gonzalez.
Their picks can be seen on the Players Page. The Standings page and News Archive will be updated throughout the game.
Good Luck to everyone!

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