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Down and out

Watership Down author Richard Adams has died at the age of 96, and picking up the solo is Natalie Tyler's Old Writers Never Die.... List with her second hit of the game, moving this list up to 42nd place.

Congratulations, Natalie


She's had one foot in the grave for years now

Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor has died at the age of 99. She was on 46% of our lists, with 30 players getting the hit. Zsa Zsa was on the top 10 most-picked every year since 2009. She was our 4th-most picked of all time, and she's now the 7th biggest hit in the history of the game. (Hi, I'm Gene and I like numbers). Surprisingly, this did not shake up the standings.

Let's get to it... Getting a fourth hit: Kelly Keegan's List 1, Jimmy Casino, Nathan Raupach, Michelle Downey, John Downey (second hit in 2 days!) and Bob Lyhus.

Picking up their third hit: Grady Harmon, Joe Biasi, Katy Conlin's List 1 , Gene Kaufman, Marge Sing, Brad Hope, Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig do it again List, Bob Broadhurst, Natalie Tyler's Golden Oldies List, Lindsey Roke, Nancy Freebery, Doug Sing and J.R. MacDonald.

Seeing a second hit: John Park, Carol Ann Roke, Sheila Place, Shelley Brown and Natalie Tyler's Most Likely to Succeed: Class of 2016 and I`m Ready for my Close-Up, Mr. Reaper Lists

Last but not least, getting their first hit of the game: Cathryn Innacola, Aunti Di's List 1, Natalie Tyler's Let`s Hear It For the Girls List, Rich Place's Whiz/Barley List and Kevin Byrnes.

Congrats, all

Blurb credit: shamelessly nicked from Facebook


Downey didn't choke when he picked the famed maneuverer. Dr. Henry Heimlich is dead at 95

Dr. Henry Heimlich has died at 95, and John Downey coughs out a solo hit with his third hit of the year, moving up to 11th place.

Congratulations, John!

Blurb credit: Mike spinney

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