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Luise Rainer makes a grand exit

Two-time Oscar-winning actress Luise Rainer has died at the age of 104, and has totally shaken up the standings so late in the game. Six players had her on 8 lists: Grady Harmon has extended his hold on first place to 6 hits!

Brad Hope and Doug Sing have defied all of my tie-breaker conditions by each getting a fourth hit and now both are sitting at 3rd place with an identical number of tie-breaker points. Unless another hit comes along in the next 39 hours to shake them up, they'll split the 3rd-place pot.

Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig II List, J.R. MacDonald, and Natalie Tyler's I`m Ready for my Close-Up, Mr. Reaper and Golden Oldies Lists all get a third hit.

Finally, Natalie's Let`s Hear It For the Girls List picks up her 2nd hit.

Wow... Ok... So, with 34 entries processed so far, Ms. Rainer was 2015's 8th-most picked in the new game (also with 8 hits). Obviously that means that the 8 people that have already submitted her name need to get me a replacement ASAP if they didn't provide an alternate!

Congrats, all!


Lonely days are gone, I'm going home - Joe Cocker dead at 70

Singer Joe Cocker is dead at the age of 70, giving Natalie Tyler's Deadstock List a solo on her first hit for this list. She moves up to 38th place

Congrats, Natalie!

Blurb Credit: Kelly Keegan


They'll be planting Gardner

Hollywood Producer Arthur Gardner has died at 104, giving Grady Harmon a record-tying fourth solo of the year and, more importantly, making him the first player this year to get 5 hits. Grady takes the lead.

This is our second-latest Bag Day (the day at which the winner of the game got and maintained first place). Our latest Bag Day is 12/27/2006 when, ironically, current second-place Kelly Keegan stole the lead from Kevin Byrnes

Congratulations, Grady!

Blurb Credit: Mike Spinney

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