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Heesterically dead

Nazi singer Johannes Heesters made a name for himself by spending the rest of his life denying that he sang for the Nazis. He died on Christmas Eve at 108. Grady Harmon picks up his third hit and second solo of the year, bringing him from 36th to 22nd place

Congrats, Grady!
My apologies for not updating this more promptly - I was distracted by the holiday and then forgot that I hadn't actually done it yet.


Kim Jong-Dead

Quite a day for world leaders, as Vaclev Havel and Kim Jong-Il both died today. However, while Havel hadn't been picked since 2003, North Korea's dictator Jong-Il was picked 12 times in this game.

Bob Razem's List 3 picks up a second hit this weekend alone, becoming only the second player this year to get 5 hits, and moves into second place.

Brooke Newsguy, Candy York and Doug Sing all pick up a fourth hit, bringing to 9 the number of players with that amount.

Cathryn Innacola's List 1, Kelly Keegan's One for the big toe List and Bob Razem's List 4 each ring up hit #3.

Michelle Stoken's Dead Men Walkin List, Natalie Tyler's Politics Can Be Deadly! List and Terry Csipkes's Nine Dead Men and Betty Ford List each grab their second.

Finally, Andrew Gonzalez and Jimmy Casino make the board for the first time in this game.

Congratulations to all!



Writer Christopher Hitchens is dead at 62, and he was picked 13 times: Joe Biasi, Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig return to the top List, Brad Hope and Bob Razem's List 3 and List 2 all picked up a fourth hit, moving into 3rd - 7th place.

Kelly Keegan's A tisket a tasket let`s fill another casket List, Bob Razem's List 1, Toe Tag and Brave Sir Robin each see a third.

Cathryn Innacola's List 1, Bill Hillegas's List 2 and Me! all get our second.

Finally, News Guy Craig's List 1 makes the board for the first time this year.

Congrats, all!

I hope everybody's getting ready for 2012 KDP! Official Invitation went out earlier this week - be sure to let me know if you didn't get it.

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