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Bob Feller `You're Out!` (of life)

Hall of Famer Bob Feller is dead at 92, and 3 players benefited from the late-game shake-up: Brave Sir Robin becomes the second player of the game to get 5 hits and moves from 7th into 2nd place, while Judith Place and Chuck Daley each bag their third hits.

Congrats, all!

Blurb Credit: John Downey


Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is dead at 61, and 8 people picked her: Bob Razem extends his lead and becomes the first player this year to get 5 hits.

Kevin Byrnes and Joe Biasi each pick up their 4th.

Mike Spinney and both Kelly Keegan`s Primary Kelly and Craig....the 3peat Lists see their 3rd.

Finally - Grady Harmon and Brooke Newsguy each grab their second.

Congrats, all!

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