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Pinter Planted

For the second year in a row, we have some Christmas Day Deadpool action, and it's actually 1+ celebs. Now, the better-known person who died today was Eartha Kitt, but she hasn't been picked since 2005. But don't despair - we've still got more with the news that playwright Harold Pinter died yesterday at the age of 78. Two players picked Pinter - Natalie Tyler's Writing Oneself To Death List records her third hit, moving from 16th up to 8th place, and Charlie Daley gets his first hit of the year.

Congrats, Natalie and Charlie!


Six Feet Deep Throat

Mark Felt, Deep Throat himself, has died at 95, handing our game a mighty shake-up in the process. But no cover-up here - we have a new leader - Kelly Keegan's Repeat champ and Newsguy team up List gets his fourth hit of the year, sliding into first place, with News Guy Craig right behind him tied for second with The Ever Hopeful Democrat. They were in 4th and 5th place previously.

Kevin Byrnes gets his 3rd hit of the year, and Candy York's List 2 sees her second hit.

I'll be honest - I hope that we get another hit just to break up the tie for second place. Only 12 days left in the game - plenty of time, right? Especially since we've had 3 hits in the last week alone.

Anyway - Congrats, all!


Slingin' Sammy bows out

NFL Hall of Famer Sammy Baugh is dead at 94. Bob Broadhurst picks up his third hit of the game and his first career solo as he moves up from 10th to 6th place.

Congrats, Bob!

P.S. Everybody getting their list ready for next year?

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