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Dead Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg is dead at 56, and 2 players had him. Kelly Keegan's List 1 lead shakes off it's tie-breaker-only status to become the first list this year to get 5 hits.

News Guy Craig becomes the 5th player to score 4 hits as he moves up the chart from #6 to #2.

Congrats, Kelly and Craig!


Evel Dead

One of my childhood heroes is gone - Evel Kneivel is dead at 69, but he made one last leap for 4 players, including our new leader, Kelly Keegan who makes the jump to first place with his 4th hit.

Carol Ann Daley and News Guy Craig each get their 3rd hit, while Bob Broadhurst gets his 2nd.

Congrats, all!


Mail(er) drop

Norman Mailer is dead at 84, and Natalie Tyler's Writing Oneself to Death List finally makes the board with her first hit (for this list) this year as she moves from 58th to 50th place.

Congrats, Natalie!


The last of the Rat Pack

Joey Bishop is dead at 89, and 2 players picked him - Natalie Tyler's Old Friends List and Rich Place. They move to 23rd and 29th, respectively. This is the second hit for both.

Also, Deborah Kerr died, but she hadn't been picked since last year.

Congratulations, Natalie and Rich!


Extinct: the only famous mime is dead

Marcel Marceau is dead at 84 and Brave Sir Robin scores a silent solo with his 3rd hit as he jumps from 27th to 13th place.

Congrats, Brave Sir Robin!


Jane Wyman

While I was writing up the nearly week-old news about Pavarotti, we learned that Jane Wyman has died at 93. The former Mrs. Reagan was featured on 6 lists, including Natalie Tyler's Let's Hear It for the Girls List, which becomes the third list this year to get 4 hits, and moves up to 3rd place.

Clint Place is the 13th player (canine or otherwise) to get a third hit, and takes up residence in 13th place.

Sandy Downey, Marge Sing, Beth Birchall and Kristen Peters all get their second hit.

Congrats, all!


Luciano Pavarotti

Sorry for the delay in getting this updated - I was away from my computer for the last few days, which of course, always means that there's a big hit while I'm gone. Here are how things look after Luciano Pavarotti: Cathryn Innacola takes the lead with her fourth hit of the game.

Kelly Keegan's List 1, Kevin Byrnes and Natalie Edwards all see their third hit.

Carol Ann Daley and Bob Razem get their second hit.

Judy Burns and Natalie Tyler's Old Friends List make it to the board with their first hit.

Congrats, all!


Holy Cow!

Former Yankee and broadcaster Phil Rizzuto is dead at 89, and only 2005 KDP Champ Joe Biasi picked him. With his second hit, Joe moves up to 20th place from 40th.

Congrats, Joe!


She is dead - if you don't believe me just ASTOR!

NY philanthropist Brooke Astor is dead at 105, and donated a fourth hit to John Downey extending his lead and helping him to fullfil his life-long dream to become the first player this year to get 4 hits. (I'm assuming - who DOESN'T dream of that - I know - those dreaming of being the first to get 5 hits. Baby steps!)

Kelly Keegan's List 2, Natalie Tyler's Let's Hear It for the Girls List and Brad Hope all used their bequeathments to procure third hits.

Rich Holland's Dust In The Wind List, Roberta McG, Mike Roche's Roche's Really Old people List and Russ McDonald's List 1 all score their second hit as I run out of philanthropy-related wit.

This might be a record for number of hits on secondary lists - 5 of the 8 hits were on such lists. Also, it's a bit odd that with this many players getting a hit that there there aren't any receiving their first hit. Weird how that works out sometimes.

Congrats, all!


Super Bowl coach is Super Dead

I knew that we'd end up with a hit today - I couldn't believe that nobody had ever picked Ingmar Bergman or Tom Snyder, but it appears that 2 players went long with 49er's Coach Bill Walsh. Toe Tag moves up to 5th place from 22nd.

Mary Ann McSorley gets her first hit of the game and jumps to 36th from 59th.

Congrats, all!


Tammy Faye-d away

Just announced - Tammy Faye Bakker-Messner died yesterday at the age of 65, and 16 players picked her: John Downey, Mike Spinney, Cathryn Innacola and rookie superstar Mr. Chris Lock all get their 3rd hit and move into the top 4 spots, respectively.

Amy Hawthorne, Both Kelly Keegan's List 1 AND List 2, Mrs. KDP herself, Terri Kaufman, News Guy Craig, Kevin Byrnes and Grady Harmon all see their second hit.

Jill Manczka, Mike Roche's Roche's candidates List, Terry Csipkes, Bill Hillegas and Natalie Tyler's Politicians and Proselytizers List make the board for the first time this year.

Congrats, all!


Lady Bird gives us a new leader!

Lady Bird Johnson is dead at 94. 28 people included her, which makes her our 3rd-most picked celebrity of the game - for both the current year and for all-time. Getting their 3rd hit of the game are Chuck Daley, Bonnie Candlewyck and Janet Daley. They take the top 3 slots, respectively.

Mike Terpstra, John Downey, Natalie Edwards, Jacqui Liccketto, Cathryn Innacola and Natalie Tyler's Let's Hear It for the Girls List all see their second hit. Rookie Chris Lock gets his second hit in 2 days!

Rich Holland's Dust In The Wind List, Kelly Keegan's List 1, Gene Kaufman, Rich Place, Joe Lupo, Paul Slaght, Sandy Downey, Roberta McG, Kevin Byrnes, Grady Harmon, Russ McDonald's List 1, Charles Lane is dead at 102, and two players had him: Brad Hope gets his second hit of the game and moves up to 10th place, and rookie Chris Lock gets his first hit, and takes a seat at 43rd.

Congrats, Brad and Chris!


Graham Cracked

Ruth Graham is dead at 87, and 2 players picked her - Mike Spinney and Bonnie Candlewyck, who move up to 3rd and 5th places, respectively. This is the second hit for each.

Congrats, Spinn and Bonnie!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney


Farewell Falwell

So Jerry Falwell is dead at 73 - I don't usually post about non-hitters, but I know that I'll be asked about this often. He was picked only once in the history of the game - by Cathryn's 2004 alter-ego The Ever Hopeful Democrat.


Tom Passed-on

Newhart's Tom Poston is dead at 85, and 2002 KDP Champ Mike Spinney solos with his first hit of the game, moving up to 25th place.

Congrats, Spinn!


Boris is dead, Moose and Squirrel triumph

Boris Yeltsin has died at the age of 76, and 3 comrades stuck with their 5 year plan to support the dead commie: Sarah Jane Wallace, Natalie Edwards, Mike Terpstra all receive their first hit of the game, moving up to 12th, 15th and 16th, respectively.

Das Vadanya!

Blurb help: Rich Place


I always got her confused with Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke

Kitty Carlisle Hart died today at the age of 96, and we have 6 players that picked her, including Charlie Daley who retakes the lead.

Rich's dog, Clint Place, Brave Sir Robin and Toe Tag all get their second hit.

Natalie Tyler's Let's Hear It for the Girls List and Doug Sing make it to the scoreboard for the first time this year.

Congrats, all!


Out of bubbles or No Mo' Ho

Don Ho is dead at 76, and 4 players swayed at his last luau: Cyn Hechinger gets her second hit of the game, and moves from 14th into the lead.

Terri Kaufman and Jacqui Liccketto get their first flowered lei and share the #9 spot, while rookie Bob Broadhurst makes it to the board for the first time, moving into 11th.

Aloha, all!


This just in from the home office in Dead City...

Calvert DeForest, best known as Larry "Bud" Melman on the Letterman show is dead at 85, giving rookie James the Giant Peach his first hit and his first solo. James moves up to 16th place.

Congrats, James!


We'll update no deadpool before it's time. And NOW it's time...

I'm just now catching up from my recent vacation, during which, true to form, we had some deadpool action. Ernest Gallo died on tuesday at the age of 97. Two players got their first hit of the game - Rich's dog Clint Place, and Brad Hope. They move to 17th and 20th place, respectively. Also - thanks to Brad for getting the word out about my vacation.

Congrats, Brad, and "Good doggie, Clint"


The Daleys throw a party and forget to invite the rest of us!

Old-time actor Bruce Bennett is dead at 100, and it appears that the Daleys are having a little "We're the first to get a second hit" party - Charlie Daley, Chuck Daley, Janet Daley move into the Top 3 spots.

Congrats, Daleys!


Dead bunny

Picking younger stars is a risky move in the deadpool, especially those that don't have any obvious life-threatening illnesses or hobbies. So it is a big surprise to hear of the death of Anna Nicole Smith at age 39. Two players took that chance: Katy Conlin's #2 list and Amy Hawthorne, who move into First and Second place, respectively.

As Spinn pointed out - this is not the youngest hit we've ever had - he's right about Little Joe C, but she's definitely in the top 10 youngest. In fact, there have been only 3 other celebs younger than her, and 2 others the same age.

Congratulations, Katy & Amy!


Let the fame complainin' begin!

Opera composer Gian Carlo Menotti is dead at 95, and one player had him: Brave Sir Robin, who gets his first hit of the year, moving up to 15th place. This is also his first career solo.

Congrats, Brave Sir Robin!


If Tomorrow Comes - but not for Sidney

Our third hit of the game, Author Sidney Sheldon is dead at 89, and three people get their first hit. Cyn Hechinger moves up to 12th place, while Toe Tag and Bonnie Candlewyck take up 14th and 15th, respectively.

Congrats, all!

Blurb credit: John Downey


Gump gives us our first solo

NHL Hall of Famer Gump Worsley is dead at 76 77, giving Mike Roche's Roche's obscure celebrities List it's first hit of the game. Mike takes the lead by just one tiebreaker point.

Congrats, Mike!

Correction: My original news source had his age wrong - Worsley was born 5/14/1929, which means that he was 77 on his last birthday, not 76 - normally I don't point out when I've made these adjustments, but it takes away Mike's 1 tiebreaker point lead. Mike and Carol Ann Daley now share the #1 spot.


Art no longer imitates life

Art Buchwald is dead at 81, and our game is off to a big start as 11 players had him: He was Carol Ann Daley's #1 pick - she was the only player to put him at #1, and she moves into the lead.

Carol Ann's father, Charlie Daley, takes second place.

Janet Daley (Charlie's wife) and Bob Lyhus share the #3 spot.

2005 KDP Champ Joe Biasi, John Downey and 2004 KDP Winner Bob Razem are sitting pretty in fifth.

The fourth Daley to score off of Buchwald, Chuck Daley (Brother to Carol Ann) and 2006 KDP Champ Kelly Keegan's List 2 hold on to #8.

The first player to include Buchwald on a list, Cathryn Innacola, gets her record-setting fourth First Blood hit, and rounds out the top 10. Cathryn also takes the lead in Career hits with her 24th.

Last but not least, News Guy Craig stakes out the 11th place spot.

Congrats, all!

props to Mr. Spinney for blurb


2007 game on!

... so it turns out that it was just a head of cabbage after all! WHAT? We're LIVE? Oh sh---

Hey, welcome back, folks! Sorry for the little delay there - between trying to get all of the lists and fame and monkeys taken care of, we had our own little technical difficulties to attend to, but now we're back up and READY to go. Right? RIGHT???

So here we are - fully in 2007, which feels suspiciously like 2006 to me, and yet, if I look at the
Standings, I see that things are completely different. For one, you'll notice that we have 70 entries - a little dip from last year's 75 lists. Lots of people returned, some didn't, and lots of new people. Ok, so maybe that part isn't so different.

Looking over at the celeb stats page, we see our most-picked celebs this year, with no big surprises. Castro and Sharon lead that list. We had 62 new celebrities added to the list, of which 9 were determined to have insufficient fame, and one who'd died in 1998 (this isn't the first time that this has happened). I have absolutely no doubt that somebody will complain about the fame status of either a celebrity allowed in the game, or one that was denied. Hopefully nobody will complain about the dead person.

I think that's about it - sit back, relax, enjoy the game.

Let's be careful out there!

FRACK! That's not right! This is better:

Good hunting!


2006 Game officially over!

The 2006 edition of Kaufman's Deadpool is now over, and a big congratulations to Kelly Keegan, who walks away with 75% of the money collected ($690), which is a cool $517.50.
After being in the lead for most of the game, Kevin Byrnes comes in second, earning 15%, or $103.50.
And rounding out the money winners - Mike Roche shows, and pockets the remaining 10%, or $69.

So congrats to everybody, even those suckers that didn't win squat - I hope that everyone enjoyed the game as much as I did. 2007 is now underway, and I should have the website updated within the next day or 2 - I have quite a few more lists to enter, as well as a LOT of fame verifications to finish. I'll tell you that it looks like we're going to be very close to 70 entries.

Thanks again, everyone - and have a Happy New Year!


Getting ready for 2007

Just getting the site ready for the 2007 game...

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