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Deadpool '99

It's getting close to the end of the first round of Kaufman's Dead Pool, and unless all of your picks suddenly cash in within the next 30 days, it's looking like Betty is our projected winner.
But don't despair - the 1999 edition of the Deadpool is currently being formulated as we speak - here is the Invitation.


Another Singing Cowboy

Well, after 3 quiet months, it is becoming obvious that Betty is just plain scary! Gene Autrey makes two singing cowboys in a row! For those of you playing at home, that brings her lead to 4 picks.


Happy Trails To You...

With Roy Rogers' passing, we are seeing Betty for the Red-Hot Deadpool Picker that she is! The Standings remain unchanged.


Ol' Blue Eyes has sang his swan song... and Betty's lead grows stronger. A lot of players got some points this time, but not all, so the standings are starting to expand a bit, check them out on the Standings Page.


Grandpa Jones is gone, and our 6-way tie for first place is over! Congratulations to Betty as she takes the lead! Be sure to check out the Standings Page.


The game is under way! We have a total of 6 players. Betty's sister Elaine dropped out before the game. That leaves Terri and I, Terri's sister, Donna, their mother Betty, Scott Bussell and Jeff Rodgers (I'm still waiting on both of their lists!) So far, everyone has picked Ronald Reagan and Bob Hope! Don't forget that it is the player's responsibility to notify me when one of their guesses comes true. Good Luck Everyone!


The dead pool invitations were sent out yesterday. This web page was started. The response has been pretty favorable, with 3 people wanting to play. Everyone wants to play a pay game, so that will be in effect. The free game will still be in effect! However, only paying players are eligible for the monetary prize. The entry fee will be $5. Everyone who wants to play the pay game, please get your entry fee to me ASAP! Thanks!

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