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Earl Cameron

(Sorry for the delay - been busy with home projects!) British actor Earl Cameron died on July 4th at 102, and Aunti Di's List 2 picks up the solo with her second hit of the game, moving up to 26th place.

Congrats, Aunti Di!


Who's Down in 2020? Hugh Downs from 20/20!

News journalist Hugh Downs has died at 99. He was our 9th-most picked of the year, and #10 on the Still Alive list. 14 lists got the scoop, including 7 that now have a third hit of the year: Kelly Keegan's List 2 (which leads this group and moves up to 4th place), Jimmy Casino, Carol Place, Lindsey Roke, Brave Sir Robin, Natalie Tyler's Golden Oldies List and Sarah Wallace.

Tobin Lathrop's The Carsophagus Crew List, Judith Place, Shelley Brown's List 1, Brad Hope and Natalie Tyler's Old Friends List all grab their second hit

Christina O`Sullivan's Blame it on the Carcinoma! List and Natalie Tyler's Ohio and Goodbye-O List each pick up their first hit.

Congrats, everybody!

Blurb credit: Christina O`Sullivan


Nothing funny to say here

Actor and funny guy Carl Reiner has died at 98. He was in the top 10 most-picked for the last 3 years, and 13 players got the hit, including Aunti Di's List 1, which gets a third hit of the year and moves up to 3rd place. Also getting a third hit are Toe Tag and Shelley Brown's List 2, which move up to 6th and 7th place.

Sheila Place, Carol Place, Carol Ann Roke, Brave Sir Robin, Michelle Downey, Natalie Tyler's Most Likely to Succeed: Class of 2020 List and Sarah Wallace each snag their second hit.

Neil Hall, Brad Hope and Mike Roche's Hollywood List all make the board with their first hit of the year.

Congratulations, all!

Here we are literally at the halfway point of the game already if you can believe that! This has been an extremely crazy year, and I thank you all for being there through all of this!

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