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The Thrill Is Gone

Blues legend BB King has died at 89, and 2 players picked up the hit: Natalie Tyler's Taps For Troubadours List and Sarah Jane Wallace each see their first hit of the year.

Congratulations, Natalie and Sarah Jane!


Meadows Pushing Up Daisies

It was just announced today, but Jayne Meadows died yesterday at the age of 95, giving Natalie Tyler's `M` is the Deadliest Letter List her first hit on the solo.

Congratulations, Natalie!

Blurb Credit: Mike Spinney

Alternate blurb from Natalie: Over the Meadows and through the woods to Kaufman's Dead Pool we go...



Soul singer Percy Sledge is dead at 73, and Natalie Tyler's ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN List picks up her first hit of the year.

Congratulations, Natalie!


Hour now Powerless

Televangelist Robert Schuller is dead at 88, and John Downey picks up the solo on his first hit of the year, and moves up to 19th place.

(I won't mention here how Bob Razem didn't pick him this year after putting him on 8 lists last year.)

Congratulations, John!

Blurb credit: Matt Klinepeter


The Colour of Dead Magic

Author Terry Pratchett has died at 66, and Natalie Tyler's Old Writers Never Die.... List finally ends her 4-year solo vigil as she picks up this list's first hit of the year.

Congratulations, Natalie!



The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon died today at 59, and 7 people picked him: Joe Biasi gets his second hit of the game and moves into First Place; Mike Spinney, Sheila Place and Kevin Byrnes also each pick up their second hit.

Jeremy Valentine, Lindsey Roke and Bob Razem get their first hit.

Congratulations, all!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney


Gabriel's Trumpet has blown for Clark Terry

Jazz legend Clark Terry has died at 94, giving Sheila Place a solo on her first hit of the year. Sheila moves up to 17th place

Shoobity skoo, Sheila! (I don't know too many jazz-related things)

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney


Louis Jourdan Can-Can Can't-Can't

Actor Louis Jourdan, who was in (among many others) Can-Can, Octopussy and Gigi, died today at 93 and two players picked him: Cathryn Innacola gets her second hit of the year and moves up to 4th place, while Natalie Tyler's Golden Oldies List gets her first hit of the game.

Congrats, Cathryn and Natalie!

Blurb Credit: Natalie Tyler


Sudden Death for NFL Films founder

NFL Films guy Ed Sabol is dead at 98, and only one player picked him: News Guy Craig's List 2 grabs the solo on his second hit of the year (and second in 2 days!) and moves up to 3rd place.

Congrats, News Guy Craig!

Blurb Credit: Kelly Keegan


Dead Smith

North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith has died at 83, and 2 players picked him: Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig - One for the big toe List gets it's second hit of the year, and takes the lead, while News Guy Craig's List 2 moves into the #10 spot with his first hit.

Congrats, Kelly & Craig!


Abdullah deadlongotta

Saudi King Abdullah is dead at 91, and Cathryn Innacola picks up the solo on her first hit of the year, moving into the Top 10.

Congratulations, Cathryn!

Blurb Credit: Kelly Keegan


Cold as the Other Side of the Pillow

ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott has passed away at 49, and he was picked 9 times by 7 players: Brad Hope undoubtedly becomes the earliest player in the history of the game to score a second hit and takes over The Top Spot.

Kelly Keegan had him on 3 lists: List 1, List 2, and Kelly and Craig One for the big toe List, while Joe Biasi, Toe Tag, News Guy Craig's List 1, Mike Roche's List 2, and Natalie Tyler's The C Files List all pick up their first hit.

Congratulations, all!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney and Mike Roche


Maybe he just got tired of being called Little for 94 years?

Grand Old Opry star Little Jimmy Dickens has died at 94, giving us one of our earliest hits ever. Five players picked him: long-time wallflower Mike Spinney, Bob Lyhus, Brad Hope, Doug Sing and Kevin Byrnes take up the top 5 spots.

Congrats, all!


KDP 2015 is LIVE!

The 2014 edition of Kaufman's Deadpool is over, and a big congratulations go out to Grady Harmon, who takes home 75% of the collected $740 pot, or $555.

2006 and 2007 champ, Kelly Keegan came in second place, snagging 15% ($111).

Bob Hope and Doug Sing somehow ended up tying for 3rd place, and so will split the remaining 10% ($74).

We've got 63 entries this year - down even more from last year, and no new players, although we DO see the return of Cathryn Innacola, who took a year off.

Now that the game is all fully updated on the site, please take a moment and verify that I've got your lists entered correctly and let me know ASAP of any errors.

Congratulations, everyone! Good luck to all in 2015!

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