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something ... something ... dead baseball player ... something

The oldest Major League Baseball player, Connie Marrero, died at 102, and Grady Harmon snags his second solo and third hit of the game, moving him up from 10th to 2nd place.

Congratulations, Grady!


Hurricane down for the count

Boxer/Murderer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter has died at 76, and our 2005 KDP Champ Joe Biasi picks up the solo on his first hit of the game and moves into 14th place.

Congrats, Joe!


100 Years of Solitude comes to an end....

Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died at the age of 87, and Natalie Tyler's Old Writers Never Die.... List finally has an open spot. Natalie has played him for 9 of the last 10 games. She picks up the solo on her first hit of the game.

Congratulations, Natalie!

Blurb credit: Natalie Tyler


He ain't heavy-he's my dead brother

Another child star dead! First Shirley Temple and now Mickey Rooney has died at 93, giving us our biggest hit of the year with 12 lists: Doug Sing becomes the first player of the game to get a third hit, and moves into the lead.

Bob Lyhus, Mike Roche's Others List, Nancy Freebery, Rich Place's New Brew Dogs (RIP Clint) List, and Natalie Tyler's Taps For Troubadours List each pick up their second hit.

Natalie Tyler's Old Friends List, Katy Conlin's List 1, Michelle Downey, Marge Sing, Lindsey Roke, and Sarah Jane Wallace each make the board for the first time this year.

Congrats, all!

Blurb credit: Kelly Keegan



Buffalo Bills owner and Pro Football HOFer Ralph Wilson died at 95, and Bob Broadhurst picks up his second hit and first solo of the year, as he moves from 19th to 2nd place.

Congrats, Bob!


God hates haters

I know that people think that one has to be all morbid and death-loving to run (or play) a deadpool. But the fact is that it's rare when news of a death actually brings me pleasure. Today is one of those days. Westboro Baptist pastor (ok, ex-, but the damage is done) Fred Phelps is dead at 84. Phelps caused much suffering and harm to many people, and I feel that he'd lived way too long. As a non-Christian, I take great relief and solace in seeing so many Christians stand up and denounce him and his methods. We'll be dealing with the ramifications of his actions for quite awhile, but at the very least we can start with rewarding those players who picked this piece of scum: Ashley Vick and News Guy Craig each pick up their first hit of the year and move into 13th and 17th place.

I know that I sound hypocritical speaking hate towards somebody who was such a hate-mongerer himself, and for that, I apologize for not taking the higher road.


Show`s over!

The original Captain Video, Richard Coogan, is dead at 99, giving Grady Harmon his second hit and first solo of the year. Grady moves from 12th place to 5th place.

Congratulations, Grady!

Blurb Credit: Mike Spinney


Not quite the Ides of March yet

Legendary TV funny guy Sid Caesar is dead at 91, and 6 players had the last laugh (well, 4 players with 6 lists): Kelly Keegan's List 1, List 2 and Kelly and Craig - One for the big toe Lists and Doug Sing each get their second hit of the game. Kelly moves into 1st place.

Bob Broadhurst and Jeremy Valentine get their first hit of the game.

Congrats, all!

Blurb credit: Bob Lyhus


Fade to Black...

Former child actress Shirley Temple Black died at 85, and prodigal player Prince Sundar picks up a solo on his first hit after being away from the KDP for 13 years. Prince moves into 7th place.

Welcome back and congratulations, Prince!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney



Baseball HOFer and Mets announcer Ralph Kiner has died at 91, and 3 players picked up their first single this year - Mike Roche's Fliers List, Brave Sir Robin and Doug Sing take up residence in the 12th, 13th and 14th places

Congrats, guys!


Turn, Turn, Turn in your grave, Seeger!

Folk singer Pete Seeger has died at 94, and 3 players are Overcome with more points!

Brad Hope gets his second hit of the year (WHAT??? it's still January!!!) and moves into first place.

Rich Place's New Brew Dogs (RIP Clint) List and Natalie Tyler's Taps For Troubadours List each get their first hit and cozy up together in the #14 spot.

Congratulations, all!


Surrendered again

The last WWII Japanese soldier to surrender (30 years after the end of the war), Hiroo Onoda has died at 91, giving Mike Spinney a solo as he moves up to 11th place.

Congratulations, Spinn!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney


Mae Not So Young

Pro Wrestler Mae Young has died at 90, and Kelly Keegan had her on 3 lists: List 1 (which moves into third place), Kelly and Craig - One for the big toe List (Newsguy Craig listed in title but still Kelly's list) and List 2.

Congratulations, Kelly and Craig!

Blurb Credit: Kelly Keegan


Sharon has finally come out of his coma... on the wrong side

Our collective 8-year vigil has ended, as Ariel Sharon has died at the age of 85. He was our 5th-most picked celeb in the history of the game, and was in the top 10 most-picked lists for 7 of the last 9 years, but had decreasingly been picked until only 9 steadfast players (well, ok, 8 and one sharp rookie) were left. These are the brilliant, beautiful people who persevered:

Natalie Tyler's Politics Can Be Deadly! List (which takes the top spot)
Rich Place
Bob Lyhus
Mike Roche's Others List
Nancy Freebery (Rookie!)
Grady Harmon
Brad Hope
Gene Kaufman
Sue Goldman's List 1

Congratulations, all!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney


Run Run Ran Ran

Chinese media mogul Sir Run Run Shaw is dead at 106, and John Park picks up a solo on our first hit of 2014.

Congratulations, John!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney


KDP 2014 is live!

The 2013 edition of Kaufman's Deadpool is over, and a big congratulations go out to our 2011 champ, Kevin Byrnes, who takes home 75% of the collected $830 pot, or $622.50.

2010 and 2012 champ, Bob Razem has a list in both second and third place, and therefore takes the remaining (15% and 10%) of the pot, $207.50.

We've got 73 players this year - down a little from last year, but lots of good juicy potential hits just waiting to be claimed.

Now that the game is all fully updated on the site, please take a moment and verify that I've got your lists entered correctly and let me know ASAP of any errors.

Congratulations, everyone! Good luck to all in 2014!

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