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The Duke of Deadinburgh

Alright, folks - we've got a big one here. Prince Philip has died at the tender age of 99. He was tied for 10th place on the list of most-picked celebs, tied for first on the most-picked celebs currently alive (obviously no longer on that list), and tied for 2nd on most-picked of 2021, as well as making the most-picked list for each of the last 5 years. In short, there's going to be a lot of people with a newly-open slot for next year. 21 lists, in fact, lead by Bob Razem's List 1, which picks up hit #6 and moves up to 2nd place. Joe Biasi gets his fifth hit.

Grabbing a fourth hit: Kelly Keegan's List 1, Bob Razem's List 4, Grady Harmon, Paul Lineback, and Jimmy Casino.

Natalie Tyler's Final Impulses List, Toe Tag, Gene Kaufman, Lindsey Roke, Carol Ann Roke, and Brave Sir Robin all snag their third.

Rob Dunmire, Bob Lyhus, Shelley Brown's List 1, Bo Place, and Michelle Downey each get their second hit.

Finally, making the board for the first time: Mike Roche's Politicos List and Natalie Tyler's My Heart Will NOT Go On and Nonagenarians lists.

Congrats, all!

Blurb Credit: Bob Lyhus

Honorable Mentions:
"Duke of Edinburied" - Mike Spinney
"The Prince is dead... not the singer" - Mike Roche


Alcee Hastings

Congressman Alcee Hastings died yesterday at the age of 84, and Bob Razem gets a SEVENTH hit for the third time in his career. His List 5 solidifies it's place at the List 2 gets a fourth hit.

Congratulations, Bob!


Mama Menace Muerta

Actress Gloria Henry has died at 98. She was best known as the mom on the Dennis the Menace show. Aunti Di's List 1 picks up the solo with her 2nd hit of the year, moving up to 32nd place.

Congratulations, Aunti Di!


I can't see Cleary now. Beverly's gone.

Children's author Beverly Cleary has died at 104 and she made it to 11 lists, including Joe Biasi, who picks up his 4th hit of the year, moving up to 6th place.

Kevin Byrnes, Grady Harmon, and Natalie Tyler's Old Writers Never Die... List each snag their third, with Natalie's list seeing her SECOND hit of the day!

Lindsey Roke, Natalie Tyler's Most Likely to Succeed: Class of 2021 List, Brave Sir Robin, and Brad Hope get their 2nd hits.

Michelle Downey, Shelley Brown's List 1, and Aunti Di's List 1 each make the board with their first hit of the year.

Congrats, all!

Blurb Credit: Mike Spinney


Lonesome Mourning Dove

Oscar-winning author Larry McMurtry has died at 84, giving a solo hit to Natalie Tyler's Old Writers Never Die... List, which gets its second hit of the year and moves up to 26th place

Congratulations, Natalie!


Schmitz gets the yellow flag

Race car driver and Top Gear presenter Sabine Schmitz has died at 51, giving Bob Razem's Athletes with Ailments List a solo with his fifth hit of the game, moving up to second place.

Congratulations, Bob!


Poetry Coroner

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lawrence is dead
Ferlinghetti who?
- Mike Spinney, with tip o` the cap to Mr. Place

Beat poet
Lawrence Ferlinghetti has died at 101, ending Natalie Tyler's 13 year solo vigil as she gets her first hit on her Old Writers Never Die... List. This list moves up to 41st place.

Congratulations, Natalie!

Poem credit: Mike Spinney


Out on a Limbaugh

Radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh has died at 70. He was included on 23 lists this year (42% of the entries), being this year's most-picked celeb, and giving us a player with 6 hits a mere 48 days into this craziest-ever game: Bob Razem's List 5 further solidifies his lead.

Bob's List 1 gets a 5th hit, while his List 2 and List 3 grab their 4th. Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig do it again! List also picks up a 4th hit.

Tuning in for a third hit: Kelly Keegan's List 1, Bob Razem's List 4, Joe Biasi, and Paul Lineback.

Ditto on their second: Jimmy Casino, Kevin Byrnes, John Downey, Me!, David Riede, Nathan Raupach, and Natalie Tyler's Final Impulses and The C Files Lists.

Finally, first-time hitters calling in this year: Rob Dunmire, Bob Lyhus, Lindsey Roke, Natalie Tyler's Most Likely to Succeed: Class of 2021 List, and Kelly Keegan's List 2 and List 3.

Congratulations, all!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney

Honorable mentions:
"DittoDEAD" (Kelly Keegan)
"Rushed for the Exit, off the air permanently" (Robert Lyhus)


Carlos Bury 'em

Former Argentinian President Carlos Menem has died at 90, and Bob Razem was the only player who'd picked him; and on 3 lists no less: List 5 becomes the first entry this year to get a FIFTH HIT, and moves into First place.

Bob's List 1 gets a fourth hit, while his List 3 picks up his third.

Felicidades, Bob!


Hustled off his Mortal Coil

Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt has died at 78, ending Natalie Tyler's Ohio and Goodbye-O List's 9 year solo vigil. This is her second hit of the year, and moves up to 15th place.

Congrats, Natalie!

Blurb help: Mike Spinney


From the cold war to cold dead

Former Secretary of State George Shultz has died at 100, and 6 lists had him, including Paul Lineback, who picks up his second hit of the game, moving up to 17th place.

Making the board for the first time this year: Natalie Tyler's Politics Can Be Deadly! and Republicans Reposing Lists, as well as John Downey, Nathan Raupach, and David Riede.

Congrats, all!

Blurb credit: Bob Lyhus
Honorable mention: "Bye, George!" (Mike Spinney)


Down for the count

Boxing legend Leon Spinks has died at 67. He was on 12 lists, including 2 from Bob Razem that become the first this year to get a fourth hit: Athletes with Ailments List and List 5.

Picking up a third hit is Bob Razem's List 1 and Natalie Tyler's Sporting Chance List, while a second hit goes to Kelly Keegan's List 1, Joe Biasi, Grady Harmon, and Toe Tag.

Finally, Jimmy Casino, Shelley Brown's List 3, Kevin Byrnes and Natalie Tyler's Final Impulses List.

Congratulations, all!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney
Honorable mention: "Down goes Spinks! Down goes Spinks!" (Mike Roche)


It's a Von Trapp!

Actor Christopher Plummer has died at 91, and Aunti Di's List 2 picks up the solo, becoming the fifth player this year to get a third hit. She moves up to fifth place.

Well done, Aunti Di!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney


Hal Holbrook

Actor Hal Holbrook has died at 95, and 5 players picked up the hit. He was the second for Aunti Di's List 2 and Shelley Brown's List 2, while Brad Hope, Bo Place and Natalie Tyler's Ohio and Goodbye-O List each grab their first hit of the year. Aunti Di makes it into the Top 10.

Congrats, all!


Cicely DIEson

Wow, what a month it's been! Actress Cicely Tyson has died at 96, becoming the eleventh celeb to go this month (including 2 that weren't picked this year). 2 players had her: Carol Ann Roke, who gets her second hit of the year and breaks the Top 10. Some dope was the other who got a hit.

Congratulations to Carol Ann and me!

Blurb Honorable Mention:
Rooted (Mike Spinney)


Cloris Leachman. Dead cold

"Mary, I came to Minneapolis because of the cold. I figured if I was frozen I'd keep better."

Cloris Leachman has died at 94, and 2 players picked up the hit: Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig do it again! List becomes the fourth player to get a third hit and it's only 27 days into the game! In addition, Natalie Tyler's Must See TV: 1970’s edition List snags her first hit of the game.

Blurb & quote credit: Mike Roche


George Armstrong. Lifetime in the Penalty box

NHL Hall of Famer George Armstrong has died at 90, ending Mike Roche's Sporting Guys List's 5 year solo vigil, as he gets his second hit of the year and moves up to 9th place.

Congrats, Mike!

Blurb credit: Mike Roche


Hello, this is Larry King. Good bye.

Larry King has died and 6 first-time callers picked up the hit: Carol Ann Roke, Toe Tag, Aunti Di's List 2, Paul Lineback, Shelley Brown's List 2 and Natalie Tyler's The C Files List.

Well... first-time THIS year...

Congrats, all!

Blurb credit: Michael Roche
Honorable mention: Brooklyn, New York. You're on. No, wait. You're off. (Mike Spinney)


He’s going DEEP to center field

Baseball great Hank Aaron has died at 86, and 2 players picked up the homer. Natalie Tyler's Sporting Chance List, which picks up a second hit and moves up 8th place. Brave Sir Robin gets his first hit of the year.

Congratulations, Natalie and BSR!

Blurb credit: Kelly Keegan


It`s a Darn Good Death (when you`ve got a wife like Honeycomb)

Jimmie Rodgers was an early rock & roll star who just died at the age of 87, ending Grady Harmon's 4 year solo vigil as he picks up his first hit of the year and moves up to 11th place.

Congratulations, Grady!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney


Strike 3 - You're out!

Dodgers Manager Tommy LaSorda has died at 93, and 6 players scored a hit, including a triple from Bob Razem, becoming by far the earliest that we've ever seen a third hit: Athletes with Ailments List, List 2 and List 5 .

Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig do it again! List grabs a second hit, while Mike Roche's Sporting Guys List and Natalie Tyler's Sporting Chance List each pick up their first hit of the game.

Congrats, all!

Blurb Credit: Mike Roche
Honorable mention: He couldn't dodge death forever (Mike Spinney)


And we're off with a double-header!

2021 is definitely starting off a bit differently than other years as we see 2 celebs go on the same day: Basketball HOFer Paul Westphal has died at 70 and NFL HOFer Floyd Little has died at 78. Each was included on 8 lists. We also glean some insight into Bob Razem's strategy, as he included both on all 6 of his lists, and he takes up residence at the top of the standings: List 1, Athletes with Ailments List, List 2, List 3, List 4 and List 5.

Getting a first hit for Westphal: Kelly Keegan's List 1 and Kelly and Craig do it again! List.

Snagging a first hit for Little: Joe Biasi and Mike Spinney.

Congrats, all!


2021 KDP is now live!

The 2020 edition of Kaufman's Deadpool is over, and a big congratulations goes out to Bob Razem, with his 4th Career win (across all of his various lists). Bob is only the second player in the history of the game to get 8 hits and takes home 75% of the collected $570 pot, or $427.50 .

2019 KDP Champ Kelly Keegan came in second place with 7 hits and earns 15% of the pot ($85.50).

2014 KDP Champ Grady Harmon rounds out the money-winners with his 7 hits (91 tiebreaker points to Kelly's 110) and snags the final 10% of the pot ($57).

We've got 55 entries this year - our lowest number since 2004's 48. A few people didn't return (but as always they're all welcome back for 2022!). We have 1 new player: LB Allie, referred by Kelly Keegan.

Now that the game is all fully updated on the site, please take a moment and verify that I've got your lists entered correctly and let me know ASAP of any errors.

Congratulations, everyone! Good luck to all in 2021!

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