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Super-Colossal Update

My apologies for being so late with this HUGE update - I was on vacation and returned home to a lot of craziness that has only just now started to calm down. And just as I was about to write up everything that I missed, there's another big hit come down the line...

So, here's what's happened since I've been gone:

John Dingell died, but he hadn't been picked since 2016.

Albert Finney died at 82, giving Natalie Tyler's From the Gut List the solo on that list's first hit of the year.

Rosamunde Pilcher died at 94, handing Grady Harmon a solo on his first hit of the game.

Finally, tonight we learned that Lyndon LaRouche is dead at 96, and 3 players picked him: Brave Sir Robin and Michelle Downey each pick up their second hit of the game and move into 1st place and 3rd place, respectively. Natalie Tyler's Mixed Nuts and Toxic Molds List picks up her first hit of the year.

WHEW! I'm pretty sure that this is the first time that I've had 3+ celebs in a single update. Thank you all for your patience, and Congratulations to all!

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