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Strike 3 - You're out!

Dodgers Manager Tommy LaSorda has died at 93, and 6 players scored a hit, including a triple from Bob Razem, becoming by far the earliest that we've ever seen a third hit: Athletes with Ailments List, List 2 and List 5 .

Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig do it again! List grabs a second hit, while Mike Roche's Sporting Guys List and Natalie Tyler's Sporting Chance List each pick up their first hit of the game.

Congrats, all!

Blurb Credit: Mike Roche
Honorable mention: He couldn't dodge death forever (Mike Spinney)


And we're off with a double-header!

2021 is definitely starting off a bit differently than other years as we see 2 celebs go on the same day: Basketball HOFer Paul Westphal has died at 70 and NFL HOFer Floyd Little has died at 78. Each was included on 8 lists. We also glean some insight into Bob Razem's strategy, as he included both on all 6 of his lists, and he takes up residence at the top of the standings: List 1, Athletes with Ailments List, List 2, List 3, List 4 and List 5.

Getting a first hit for Westphal: Kelly Keegan's List 1 and Kelly and Craig do it again! List.

Snagging a first hit for Little: Joe Biasi and Mike Spinney.

Congrats, all!


2021 KDP is now live!

The 2020 edition of Kaufman's Deadpool is over, and a big congratulations goes out to Bob Razem, with his 4th Career win (across all of his various lists). Bob is only the second player in the history of the game to get 8 hits and takes home 75% of the collected $570 pot, or $427.50 .

2019 KDP Champ Kelly Keegan came in second place with 7 hits and earns 15% of the pot ($85.50).

2014 KDP Champ Grady Harmon rounds out the money-winners with his 7 hits (91 tiebreaker points to Kelly's 110) and snags the final 10% of the pot ($57).

We've got 55 entries this year - our lowest number since 2004's 48. A few people didn't return (but as always they're all welcome back for 2022!). We have 1 new player: LB Allie, referred by Kelly Keegan.

Now that the game is all fully updated on the site, please take a moment and verify that I've got your lists entered correctly and let me know ASAP of any errors.

Congratulations, everyone! Good luck to all in 2021!

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