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Kaufman's Dead Pool is a by-invitation-only dead pool. We are currently in our 23rd year of play. The KDP was created and maintained by Gene Kaufman.

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1/8Buck Henry0
1/1David Stern4
.: 2019 :.
12/10Marie Fredriksson0
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Game News


Stern start to the game

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern has died, kicking off our game as 3 players included him on 4 lists: Bob Razem, Kelly Keegan's List 2 and List 4, and Kevin Byrnes all pick up the hit, and move into the Top 4.

Congrats, Bob, Kelly and Kevin!


2020 KDP is now LIVE!

The 2019 edition of Kaufman's Deadpool is over, and a big congratulations goes out to Kelly Keegan, with his 2nd consecutive win, and 6th Career win (across all of his various lists). Kelly had 5 hits and takes home 75% of the collected $640 pot, or $480.

Rookie (!!!) Christina O`Sullivan came in second place, also getting 5 hits (including 1 solo), but coming up shy of first place by only 17 tiebreaker points. Christina gets 15% of the pot ($96).

Brave Sir Robin rounds out the money-winners with his 4 hits (not including a 5th, Disqualified hit - hopefully he's not kicking himself TOO much, as even if that hit had counted it wouldn't have affected the standings, as Yasuhiro Nakasone was over 100 years old). BSR snags the final 10% of the pot ($64).

We've got 61 entries this year - our lowest number since 2004's 48. A few people didn't return (but as always they're all welcome back for 2021!). We've got four new players: Natalie Tyler's husband David Riede, Rich Place's wife Carol, and Christina O`Sullivan's husband (Tobin Lathrop) and son (Charles Lathrop). In addition, we see the return of Nancy Freebery, who took 2019 off.

Now that the game is all fully updated on the site, please take a moment and verify that I've got your lists entered correctly and let me know ASAP of any errors.

Congratulations, everyone! Good luck to all in 2020!

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12/26/2019 - Updated some of the navigation items - added links to long-existing but apparently hidden pages for seeing which celebs were deemed NOT FAMOUS, as well as a page to Check if a Celeb was picked.

10/2/2013 - Added a new chart showing how long it's been since we've had a Dry Spell longer than the current one to the Dry Spell page.

3/4/2013 - Cleaned up a few spots with missing data on the Profiles and Weighted Finish pages.

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Important Game Dates to Note
12/25 Lists accepted
  Noon (ET) - No more new celebs accepted
  Midnight (ET) - No more lists accepted
  Midnight (ET) - Current Game ends.
01/01 New Game starts
02/01 Unpaid lists dropped from game