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Eastbound And DEAD, Loaded Up A Casket

I'm not ashamed to admit that at one point in time Burt Reynolds was my favorite actor. (Granted, that point in time was 1981. I was 13, and my friends and I had many discussions/arguments about which was better: Smokey and the Bandit or The Cannonball Run. I honestly can't remember which one I argued for. Probably Bandit. (I hope it was Bandit))

Anyway, Bandit Burt has left us at the age of 82, and 10 players picked him: Natalie Tyler's Diet of Worms List, Nathan Raupach, Sarah Wallace, Gene Kaufman and Aunti Di's List two each pick up their 3rd hit of the game, taking up residence on the scoreboard starting at 2nd place.

Natalie Tyler's I`m Ready for my Close-Up, Mr. Reaper List, Shelley Brown's List 1 and Bob Broadhurst all get their second hit, while Jim Bull and Grady Harmon snagged their first.

Congratulations, all!

Blurb credit: Rich Place, but holy crap did you guys make it tough to choose one!
Honorable Mentions:
The Longest Two Yards (Mike Spinney)
Smokey and the casket (Rich Place)
The banjos have stopped playing for Burt Reynolds (Laura Welliver)
Burt Boogies Into the Evening Shade (Natalie Tyler)
The Infinite Yard (Bob Lyhus)
Deliverance Delivered (Bob Lyhus)
Bandit Smoked (Bob Lyhus)

That was a lot of fun, thanks everyone that submitted a blurb!

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1/7/2013 - In the process of moving the game to a new host - hopefully things won't be TOO wonky!

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